The cheeks are swollen from the inside out

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Hello, there was such problem. And maybe not quite a problem. There was a bad habit of constantly biting your cheeks and lips from the inside, not just biting, but sometimes to the point of blood, and I chop off pieces of skin. I do not know how to wean myself, t. To the side of ugly at least, and I do not think that it is useful (and even harmful) for the mucosa. Why is this habit dangerous? How to get rid of it? What is caused? Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hello, Karina.
Common causes are similar to self-injury of the skinthere may be anxiety and depressive disorders within the framework of a neurosis. These disorders also include extruding acne on the skin, pulling out the hair, scraping the surviving crusts on the wound. As a rule, self-harm gives relief for a while: a person seems to have gone off anxiety, aggression, a sense of guilt has been smoothed out, etc. But with a new, even a little stress, skin lesions are repeated again. Over time, this obsessive action becomes a habit. In the female, this phenomenon is more common than in men.
To begin with, it is important to exclude the neuroticDisorder with a doctor-psychotherapist. If neurosis is found, complex treatment is indicated in outpatient settings. If there is no neurotic disorder, then you need to work on a fixed habit with a psychologist or psychotherapist within the framework of psychotherapy. The second stage will be the restoration of the correct regime of the day, sleep and wakefulness, physical education, a diet with high protein and vitamin content in the food, strengthening the health and psyche of physiotherapy, including bath and swimming. You need to organize your day so that it is completely busy. Consult a specialist internally and follow his recommendations. But the very psychotherapy you can take and online on skype.