After sex swelling of the labia

Hello. After sex, my labia became swollen, and they become so large and discomfort appears. passes it somewhere in a day. Earlier at me such was not. And now I began to notice that this happens quite often. Although sexual contact is not so often happens, once or twice a month. We always use condoms. Could it be because he's climbing with his fingers? I do not know, help please.

Sexual lips can swell due to mechanicalfriction during sexual intercourse, or because the vagina is irritated by contact with the fingers, i. e. hygiene rules are not respected. You can try to use extra intimate lubrication, or condoms with additional lubrication. Also, after sexual intercourse, you can treat the labia with a disinfection solution, for example, Miramistine.

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obstetrician-gynecologist Tishkina Olga Gennadievna
dermatovenereologist Semshov Nikolai Mikhailovich