Why the eyelids become swollen

Unfortunately, most of us had todealing with swollen eyelids at some point in our lives. This causes discomfort, embarrassment, visual impairment and difficulties with the use of makeup, touch or rubbing. A tumor of the century can become a serious disease if it is not treated on time and properly.

In most cases, the cause of swollen eyelids - it's an infection. There are two types of swollen eyelids - painful and painless. If the swelling does not bring pain, we do not go to the doctor, we try to cope with the swelling with home remedies, but it would be more appropriate to see a doctor to find out the reason and be able to prevent a similar situation in the future.

And now let's consider the possible causes of painful swelling of the eyelids.

Painful swelling of the eyelids can be caused by a variety of things, such as:

Infections - they can vary and be caused by a variety of different things, ranging from bacterial viral infections and ending with an allergy to chemicals.

Conjunctivitis is a disease characterized byinflammation of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane covering the eyeball. It is also known as the "pink eye". A person with conjunctivitis experiences pain in the eyes, itching and redness.

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyes mainly caused by bacterial infection or skin diseases.

Barley - caused by bacterial infections of the sweat glands at the base of the eyelashes. The disease is accompanied not only by swelling and redness, pus may appear.

Orbital cellulite is an acute tissue infectionthe eye of the orbital septum, which forms the fibrous part of the eyelid. This disease can occur with serious complications. It can be caused by the appearance of barley, an insect bite.

In the case of painful inflammation of the eyelids, the patientis in pain. A common symptom is the redness of the eyelids. Headaches and vision problems may occur. If the cause of swollen eyelids is orbital cellulitis, high body temperature can rise.

A high percentage of protein in the urine can cause nephrotic syndrome and, as a consequence, the appearance of eye swelling.

In case of painless swelling of the eyelids, the most common cause is allergy.

The second most common reason isfluid retention. Stagnation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues can occur due to pregnancy, excessive consumption of beverages, as well as causing swelling may change the level of hormones during menstruation.

Some people cause of swollen eyelids can be a developing tumor.

Now you understand that swollen eyelids can bethe cause of a serious illness and the most correct in this situation is, of course, to see a doctor. Laboratory tests and physical examinations will help to determine the cause of your condition, and only timely medical help can help you get rid of discomfort and ease the pain. Treatment depends on the reason that the doctor can pinpoint.

If the cause of swollen eyelids - barley, then the treatment can be carried out by compresses and antibiotics, which again must be prescribed only by a doctor.

If the result of the edema is conjunctivitis, then you will be prescribed drops.

In case of a tumor, surgical intervention is necessary.

If for some reason you can not quickly seek medical help, then use the following guidelines:

Do not touch the eyes and do not rub them.

Try not to use any make-up.

Try putting a clean cloth moistened with cold water or milk on your eyelids.

Contact the pharmacy for antihistamines or eye drops.