Swelling and scratching palms

Vikusya Profi (717), closed 4 years ago

Absolutely for no apparent reason, my fingers start to itch. Then the fingers swell a little. Usually it itchs when when in winter you freeze very much, and then you come to heat.
Itching temporarily passes under cold water. At first I thought it was a reaction to the cold, but I also have an itchy itch in the summer. Then, for no reason at all.
What could it be?

Sali-Mali Enlightened (29179) 4 years ago

Perhaps, in this way you are allergic to household chemistry.
This, the so-called contact allergy.
If you wash the dishes, wash them or, even, cover the powder with washing. machine WITHOUT gloves, then there can be such a reaction of the body.
Visit a skin doctor, consult.
1) Lorahexal is an effective remedy for allergies and not as harmful as suprastin. Inexpensive, costs no more than 50 rubles.
2) Buy vitamin AEVIT in the pharmacy in capsules, inshop in the department of cosmetics buy a hand cream NIVEA in a blue jar (jar as a puck). Prick the Vitamin Aevit capsule and lubricate the palms and fingers, then apply NIVEA cream on your hands. Do this at least 2 times a day (in the morning, in the evening).

Sali-Mali Enlightened (29179) 4 years ago

If you are already an adult (not a teenager), then you can use the ointment "Flucinar" 0.025% and NIVEA hand cream.

masha kondratieva Expert (287) 1 year ago

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