Often the eyelids swell

Katarine Morgan Pupil (125), on a vote 1 year ago

To me of 17 years, I am the owner of very lightskin. With the skin of the face all right, but I have long worried about the problem skin around the eyes. I have circles under the eyes, not strong of course, but they are, even the skin of the eyelids is often dry. And in the morning, eyes swell. I do not know what the problem is, I do not get up early at night, I do not drink water at night, there are no problems with health. But frequent swelling in the morning does not pass. I go to bed usually somewhere to twelve or eleven, sometimes to one o'clock in the morning. I get up at nine or ten. But I do not think it's because of lack of sleep, I tried to go to bed earlier but did not see the difference. Just do not know what to do.

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Dmitry Gavrilin Master (1118) 1 year ago

Stop choking! Tighten the strap!

Lena Savelieva Expert (327) 1 year ago

At me too, the same schedule I sleep. They say from the opposite, too - I sleep a lot. You can not put cold under your eyes, the doctor said - you can touch the nerve and then the eye will twitch!

Ilnur Bikkinin Master (1421) 1 year ago

with this kind of questions you need to contact specialists! and bags under the eyes in the morning can be cleaned with cold spoons (from the refrigerator) or saline lotions, only very carefully

cot bazilio Enlightened (36393) 1 year ago

Less fluid before going to bed, and maybe with kidney problems.

Anna Kulish Pupil (93) 1 year ago

You take molds for ice, you fill it with chamomile broth, put it in the freezer, put it in the morning to the eyelids.

Liona-STRO Artificial Intelligence (163306) 1 year ago

The kidneys. Swelling of the eyes in the morning - you need to check the kidneys.

Alexandra Thinker (7139) 1 year ago

Any swelling anywhere (and bags undereyes - this is an edema) are a sign of some disease associated with the disturbance of water or lymphatic exchange. I do not want to frighten you, but if you have bags constantly and do not involve fluid abuse before going to bed, it's time to go to the doctor. Most often this is a sign of kidney failure. Do not be ill!

nina sokolova Guru (3049) 1 year ago

go to a salt-free diet.