In the morning, lips swell

Female 33 years old.
Russia Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Hello. At me a trouble, have begun to swell lips (more often top) approximately three weeks ago, there were four cases for two weeks. with food I do not connect, always at different times, often in the evening, once in the early morning (I even did not clean my teeth). NEVER suffered from allergic diseases. went to the doctor, the therapist prescribed blood tests-general and biochemistry, fluroography, urinalysis. all is well. slightly enlarged lymphocytes (norm 11-49, I have 53). all. recommendations-observe a diet, antihistamine 10 days and clean the liver (karsil). adding that she is not a milliektor-to find out at Cho, I'm allergic. I followed the recommendations, I drink karsil, stopped taking cetrin-now it's swelling again. (eating olive oil with sour cream and stewed meat, green tea, I do not know which way to go and what to check, once I had to call an ambulance, suprastin did not help.) Now I drank a-wait for the result, I can not see it in an hour, Swelling continues to grow-not quickly, gradually.

doctor allergist-immunologist, pulmonologist, pediatrician, candidate of medical sciences

Good afternoon! If the swelling of the queue recurs - hospitalization and inpatient treatment is necessary. Self-treatment and treatment on the Internet, as well as among illiterate therapists, is unproductive. Write in detail your food ration and allergic anamnesis by your relatives (who had any allergic reactions), I will give a hint - in which direction to move with food restriction and examination. Karsil reaction can strengthen - its reception is inexpedient and even dangerous.

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allergic diseases from mother and fathernobody suffers. from my husband, yes, there are allergic people, but I think the relationship has nothing to do with it. A year ago I gave birth to a third child, a year and a half ago I moved to a new place of residence, the apartment was completely new, the repair was made. I already think about everything in a row-on water, the reaction of immunity after delivery and the climate change and building materials. Nutrition is normal, healthy. coffee in the morning, soup-lunch, salad, dinner, usually meat, side dish, salad. Now she took away coffee, sweet, potatoes (three days), milk and did not drink (only in the morning in coffee). since I take care of my mother's nutrition, no soda and sausage, the weight is normal-63 kg. Tomorrow I signed up for ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. At home there are no carpets and animals, but I'm practically at home all day, because I am on maternity leave. Tell me, please, in what direction to move and what else to pay attention to. I'm really scared.

Lavrentiev Alexander Vadimovich 12/27/2012 16:28

"Nutrition is normal, healthy. coffee in the morning, lunch-soup, salad, dinner, usually meat, side dish, salad. "- this is not a deciphering of the diet. Find on the Internet a diet # 5HA (hypoallergenic) and analyze.Sto materials - can give a problem, but objectively do not confirm - although this option is quite weighty.

Thanks, I will stick to these products beforegoing to the doctor (at least). signed up for 9 January. tell me, please, or maybe an allergy to, say, an emotional state? can the release of hormones provoke an allergy? and still I have not written, at me all this time pricks on the right under ribs (for this reason I go on ultrasound tomorrow). from the time of the first edema, I follow the drinking regimen-1.5 liters of clean water and drank enterosgel (on the advice of the ambulance). is it possible to take Zetrin for the purpose of undeveloped edema before January 9? 1 t.1 times a day. I will not break the picture?

Lavrentiev Alexander Vadimovich 12/27/2012 20:51