The lobules of the ears swell

Hello! 2 days ago at me the ear lobe has inflamed, burns and at pressing starts to hurt or be ill; be sick. inside bead. What to do? To what doctor to address? I have suspicions that this is an atheroma, although this has never happened before. If this is an atheroma, do you have to delete it and can it be removed in an inflamed condition? What is the best way to remove it, taking into account that I'm a girl and would like to avoid all kinds of scars? Help me please. Thank you in advance.

(A guest)Владимир 26 years old 09/30/2011 1:58 PM

Hello, I was cut out exactly one month agoInflamed atheroma under the ear, near the lobe. The capsule was found and removed during the operation, seams were stitched, after a week there was not a trace left. But recently I began to notice under the lobe that the skin had explored, and swelled a little, to the touch soft and protruding, like a pillow, and does not hurt when I touch. Tell me what to do? To the surgeon or will pass or take place?

Andrey Viktorovich Krasilnikov 10/03/2011 00:11

(A guest)Владимир 26 years old 10/03/2011 00:23

Thanks for the answer, the day before yesterday I went to the duty surgeon, they opened everything, cleaned, now it's order)

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