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Questions and answers on-line

Questions and answers on-line

Good day! Can you please tell me how to be in the next situation: I did tattoo shooter and lips, as a result of the lips on the sides and in the corners turned black, it's been three weeks, apparently I was iz-for panic or inattention poorly washed the needle and left a black pigment and the lips on the sides are black. What now. One God knows. This is my second client was with lips, so I was very worried and they were bleeding soooo that it seemed to me that I did not drive the paint, but the blood. I can not imagine how it happened. Prompt how to be.

Hello, Christina! Even if this is your second client, then you should have known that using one needle is NOT permissible! The way out is if it's still a pigment, not a hematoma from your zeal, then - laser tattoo removal, do not try to fix it!

Good afternoon! Two months ago I made the tattoo of the century gray. Then she did two corrections. On the left eye the arrow immediately turned out beautiful saturated, but on the right even after two corrections it is paler. Is it possible to bring this arrow to normal color, so that both eyes are the same? Or already everything will remain?

Hello, Alena! Of course you can make the same, but is it really so much pale that you can see the difference, what is it worth doing again?

Tell me whether the interfacial tattoo will affect the density of eyelashes?

Hello, Oksana! If the tattoo is done correctly, it will not affect.

Hello, on 28.08.13. Tattooed lip-contour with shading. Initially, we wanted to achieve a sufficient dark and rich shade, about Burgundy wines. To do this, take a rich cherry + brownish color (to dim the brightness of the cherry). After two weeks, color. (to the envy of lovers of naturalness!) There is a contour, a smooth transition, the perfect combination with the natural color of my lips. But I want a bright, dark enough and rich color. Tell me which shades to choose in the correction, that would be bright, as they say, tear out the eye))).

Hello, Ksenia! "Take out your eye" will not work - this is the feature of tattooing. The color will still be muffled. Make the correction with the same colors, it should get more saturated and closer to what you want.

Good afternoon! Tell me what to do. 3 weeks ago made PT of the lips. I liked the color, the crust went away in 2 days. But now I observe on the lower lip from two sides, on each side blue spots. It seems that this is a bruise. How can you get rid of it than smear it to speed up the resorption.

Hello, Dasha! Bruises after tatauazha can last very long, but they will eventually pass. To speed up the process, you can use any cream or ointments that will be advised in the pharmacy.

Hello. Beginning. I made a hair tattoo to a relative, one corner turned out higher. What should I do? immediately adjust the second? or wait until the correction?

Hello, Anara! There is a reason to wait, since it is quite possible, if you are a novice master, that the pigment will come out in the healing process, then on the correction you do not have to correct the form, but only draw as necessary.

Hello! Made 4 days ago tattoo of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid and eyebrows! The result is lamentable! Masters chose from reviews! Maybe I just did not get lucky! Eyebrows at different levels, one thick other thin, wanted to lift the lowered outer corners, and she made me different lengths and one looks down, and the lower eyelids in general are thick, the swelling on the lower ones has passed, and so the thickness will remain! I do not know how to live with such eyes! Help please with the answer! How long can I remove the tattoo? I was told that in two months only, but it's very long! Thank you in advance for your response!:-)

Hello, Aigul! You can remove the laser tattoo one month after the procedure, provided that everything has already healed normally.

Hello, tell me please. Through how much on time after augmentation of labiums, it is possible to do tatuazh. Thank you!

Hello, Daria! Tattooing can be done not earlier than six months.

Tattoo of the lips: from procedure to result

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent (permanent) make-up orMicropigmentation? is a procedure in which natural dyes are introduced between the dermis and the epidermis. Tattooing, of course, looks like a tattoo, but his life is no more than 3-5 years. Over time and cell renewal, the color gradually disappears. To create a permanent tattoo, a very thin needle is used that penetrates the upper layers of the skin. Dyes are hypoallergenic, clinically tested and completely harmless.

The first 7 days should avoid sunny days, otherwise the pigment will darken from UV rays.

This procedure allows you to make the color of the palelips or eyebrows. Irregular eyebrows or missing eyebrows can be restored in the desired shape. The lip contour after tattoo will look more perfect and natural than any other make-up. giving the person a new look.

With age, the lips begin to lose their shape and red pigmentation. Permanent make-up can correct these shortcomings and restore youthful lips.

How long does the tattoo last?

Natural peeling and renewal of skin cells process"Phagocytosis" (the system of skin auto-protection naturally removes extraneous substances from the body, pigments including) causes a progressive loss of color over a period of one to three years, depending on the intensity of the implanted pigment. That is, light tones will remain on the lips for a short period. Usually the term, with proper care and use of UV protection, is from 2 to 5 years (after mandatory correction).

How will I feel after the procedure?

Right after the procedure, the color will be moreintense, but gradually disappear, within a week. About 50% of the implanted pigment is absorbed by the body, and the rest comes together with crusts formed after the procedure.

Will it hurt you?

During the operation, local anesthesia is usedin the form of an application on the lips, which anesthetizes the treated area. During the procedure, the master constantly lubricates the lips with a new anesthetic, which, falling deep into the lips, freezes them more and more, so by the end of the tattoo you will not feel much.

There is practically no pain when filling the lip contour. Unpleasant sensations can only be when the needle passes in the center of the upper and lower lips during feathering.

Tattoo of the lips: from procedure to result

Lips are very bright, red and clear. This effect looks very nice, contrasting with light skin. Is a small asymmetry visible? on the left more, on the right a little less, probably because of the fact that the lips are swollen. And perhaps because of the fact that before tatuazhem I wanted to start quickly and sketch by me was poorly considered. All this will be clear only after the lips have healed completely, possibly have to go to correction. After the procedure, severe numbness lasts about 8 hours.

It is impossible to eat, because everything is numb. You can only drink something from the tube.

To make sponges heal faster, 2 ointments are prescribed: hydrocortisone ophthalmic ointment at 2p / day and borax ointment plus 4-5r / day (total 7 days). In addition to ointments, you need to drink acyclovir 1 t / 3 times a day (7 days).

On the photo, the lips are covered with hydrocortisone ointment.

Lips immediately after tattoo, covered with ointment

After applying hydrocortisone ointment, the color of the lipschanged to a dark pink, but after a while again returned to red. Pigment constantly cools and hardens into crusts. It is impossible to allow complete drying of this crust, so that the tattoo is well taken.

In the morning, the lips are very swollen, much stronger than the first day.

You can not smile. You can already eat something grated, for example, mashed potatoes.

Wash only with water, without getting on the lips.

Photo of lip tattoo under artificial lighting

In the morning, the lips are completely chained and very swollen. The asymmetry is visible, most likely on the one hand the tumor is stronger than the other.

On the photo, the lips covered with Boro Plus cream, daylight

Lips itch, healing is in full swing. The crusts in the lips have disappeared, and those that remain on the contour will go off for two days, a new outline of the lips is already visible a little. The tumor also slept, but still not fully.

Therefore, if you are going to do tattooing your lips, scroll for a break from work and going out into the city for about 5 days.

Photo of lip tattoo in daylight, on the lips of Boro cream plus

By the evening of 4 days the lips began to itch incredibly,The crust cracked, and under it was a ready-made pink outline. It was necessary to soak a little with a cream and to remove all from the bottom of a labium as to suffer an itch in this place it is simply unreal. The lower lip under the crust has already healed, but with tattooing it looks pretty chubby.

So, the crust came down almost completely at night.

The color turned out to be very gentle and beautiful.

The hue is said to still change during the week, when the skin of the lips is completely renewed. Now she is still strapped.

Daytime tattoo

Color has acquired a greater naturalness. A small correction on the upper lip is needed. But it can be done only in a month.

Lips finally took a natural shade, the color is wonderful, I advise everyone! A photo ? day light, without any shine and lipstick.

In 4 months. Without correction.

In fact, it is very convenient, wake up with beautiful lips. However, additional care is needed? moisturizing hygienic lipstick, otherwise the lips dry instantly.

P.S. My advice ? while drawing a test contour of lips with a waterproof pencil, do not be too lazy to look closely at the contour, because it depends on your new form of the lips. Do not hesitate to tell the master that something does not suit you, otherwise there will be disappointment. The master has his own vision of the shape of the lips, and you have your own. Someone likes the sharp upper corners of the lips, some more smooth, and the lateral arcs of the upper lip are also different? raised or arched. I'll draw the contour myself in the second correction in advance, with a sharp waterproof pencil.

Olga Tarasyuk Studio (permanent make-up, cosmetology) - Frequently Asked Questions - tattoo of lips, eyebrows, eyes

I work in any technique. You can make a feather, you can hairs, you can combine both techniques. The colors for the eyebrows, of course, are different. From light to dark. Black color in its pure form on the eyebrows is never used. And in general, almost always mixed a few shades to get the right you. Blue eyebrows are obtained from improperly selected pigments and incorrect technique of application. Black color in its pure form in the skin will always take a cyanotic color over time, so even burning brunettes black color is mixed with others, for greater naturalness after healing. I have the equipment. of course, special, professional - tattoo machines, disposable supplies, sterile disposable needles.

About how much eyebrows will be worn. Everything is very individual, it all depends on the skin, on the way of life, on the amount of ultraviolet in your life, etc., etc.. In general, the pigment, which got under the skin, remains for life. Another thing is that it will gradually become lighter and become less noticeable or almost invisible. Eyebrows worn less than the eyes and lips. This is due to the technique of application and the features of the skin in this place. My clients usually come to update their brows after a year and a half.

Hello Olga! Do you have pictures of your tattoo? How does the sun (tan) affect tattooing? Is there any risk other than an allergic reaction associated with tattooing?

Tattoo of 2013 eyebrows, lips, eyelids and consequences

Tattooing, or permanent make-up - is makingcoloring pigment in the upper layer of the skin with the help of special tools. Pigment is introduced shallowly, approximately 0.3 to 0.7 mm, while the pigment does not enter the lymphatic and blood vessels. Pigments are used on a cream or glycerin basis. All pigments for tattooing procedure do not contain toxic components and do not dissolve in water.

Most often, permanent make-up is carried out in thosecases, when a woman wants to be constantly beautiful and at the same time do not use daily cosmetics, or when she is not satisfied with the natural contours of the upper and lower eyelids, eyebrows or lips.

Permanent make-up is not washed off, does not wear off, and stays on the face for several years. Thus, the problem of skin irritation and blockage of pores from decorative cosmetics is solved.

The principle of tattooing eyebrows, eyes or lipssimilar to drawing a tattoo. The main difference is the depth of pigment in the skin. Thanks to this, the presence of tattoo is a temporary phenomenon. Permanent make-up for the duration of existence depends on the skin condition and features of the process of its renewal, skin metabolism and intensity of ultraviolet irradiation, skin care.

All types of tattooing are done using local anesthesia.

Immediately after the procedure of permanent make-up, the pigmented zone can turn red and swell. Within 3-5 days these consequences disappear.

The color of the pigmented zone becomesfinally natural in days. During this period, the skin is completely renewed. That is why a month after the procedure of tattooing it is advisable to come to a consultation with a cosmetologist who will determine if correction is needed.

Permanent makeup is not recommended in the following cases:

taking drugs that dilute blood;

any diseases in the stage of exacerbation;

The tattoo of the century emphasizes the expressiveness of the view,corrects and modifies the incision of the eyes, can hide the small shortcomings of the contour. The application of tattoo on the line of eyelash growth will give a feeling of greater density. Tattooing can be performed in various ways. The applied pigmentation pigment can last from 6 months to several years.

In most cases, only the upper eyelid is inserted, but if desired, it is possible to emphasize the lower eyelid.

In the permanent eye tattoo, especially when performing arrows, contrasting shades are widely used: black, dark brown, dark purple, dark green, lilac.

Eyebrow tattoo gives the eyebrows a new shape. Changing the natural bend of the eyebrows, you can give your eyes an exceptional expressiveness. You can supplement the thickness of eyebrows with the drawing of individual hairs, or apply feathering.

After the tattoo procedureeyebrows The area around the eyebrows swells and turns red, thistemporary effect. After the procedure, on the eyebrow, while there is redness and even a crust is formed, a special cream should be applied that soothes and heals the skin. The crust must necessarily dry out on its own, in no case can it be ripped off.

After the eyebrow tattoo, the body's immune systemtries to rid the skin of the particles of the pigments entering into the pigment. Each of the dyes is withdrawn at its own speed and the ratio in the pigment may be disturbed. Thus, the change in the hue of the pigment is inevitable. However, this is a rather slow process. After a certain time, you should come to a specialist who conducted the procedure, and make a correction of permanent make-up of eyebrows in shade.

If the procedure was unsuccessful and the formEyebrows are not satisfied, tattoo can be removed. Removal of tattooing is done with a laser, which the paint "burns out", the pigment is taken out. After some time, you can apply makeup again.

Hairy tattoo of eyebrows is an easy sketchskin under the eyebrow, which mimics the natural hairline. Each hair is drawn from the root to the tip in the direction of the growth of the eyebrow. And the hairs seem to intertwine, thus creating an effect of naturalness. Hairs can be of different lengths, and directed in different directions. This method is called eastern. There is another European method of hair tattooing, in which the same strokes are applied at the same interval. From the inner corner the hairs are directed upwards, and the hairs tend to the outer corner.

Tattoo of lips corrects the form, minor flaws. Gives to lips a sensual expressiveness and unsurpassed charm. Eliminates the constant leaks. Lip tattoo allows you to increase or decrease their completeness.

In addition to contour lip liner, tattooing makes their color saturated, giving the impression that they are painted.

Before the procedure, a contour sketch is developedlips. The contour is drawn with a special handle especially carefully, since the apparatus carries a very clear line. The choice of a pigment, and the palette of shades is wide enough, the expert makes. This takes into account not only the desire of the woman herself, but also the color of her hair and skin. As a rule, the procedure does not end with the contour drawing, and the so-called shading is produced, which ensures a gradual color transition from the contour to the "own" lips. In special cases, it is possible to almost completely fill the lip rim with pigment, after which you can completely refuse the use of lipstick.

A variant of permanent lip makeup is also possible, when the contour is attached not so much to the color, as to the clarity of the line and the more intense natural tone.

One of the possible complications after lip tattoos is the appearance of herpes. Therefore, doctors recommend a week or two before the procedure to take a course of acyclovir.

Eyebrow tattoo has its pros and cons, sobefore you perform the procedure, think about what tattoo of eyebrows will have consequences and choose a method, hair or feathering - you will get feedback and photos.

Now beauty salons offer to do tattooingeyebrows or a method of soft feathering, or hair method. Each of these ways has its advantages. The first type of tattoo is more focused on women with rather rare and light eyebrows: along the entire length one line is applied, which creates the effect of a neatly and beautifully brought eyebrow. When applying the second technique - hair - on each eyebrows are drawn individual hairs, so that the eyebrows look natural and expressive. However, this method of tattooing is "shown" solely to the owners of dark eyebrows, as light "drawn" hairs are too noticeable.

Eyebrow tattoo - how to choose colors

The next step in eyebrow tattoo is the choice of shade. In the beauty salon, each lady can choose the most suitable color from more than a hundred available shades. Naturally, there are some general rules of choice. For example, blonde women are advised to prefer gray-brown colors, owners of chestnut hair - chocolate, and red - warm, rusty shades of brown. But arabio.ru advises to take into account that the red tones in the paint for tattoo in a year or so will look like pinkish, so you have to adjust the color of the eyebrows. Also keep in mind and the fact that as the paint gets under the skin, the color of the eyebrows will become less saturated. That is, after the eyebrows heal, their color will become less bright by 20 percent, so choose a shade of a semitone darker than desired.

Tattoo and eyebrow shape

In addition, you have to work on the formeyebrows, because not all women get by nature the most ideal option. An experienced specialist will advise you exactly the form that really embellishes your face, so listen to his advice. Therefore, specialists in eyebrow tattooing suggest not to pursue the fashion that exists, including in the makeup as well, but to make eyebrows of a classical shape and size in accordance with the shape of your face. A link to how to find out the ideal shape of the eyebrow, we can in the material "The shape of the eyebrows" - an announcement under the article.

When the shape and color are selected, the eyebrows are handleda special anesthetic, and then gently get wet with a napkin. After that, the master proceeds directly to staining the contour with strokes in the direction of hair growth, covering as much as possible their lower and upper boundaries.

Eyebrow tattooing - consequences

What negative consequences can followfor eyebrow tattooing. First, the fact that tattooing will be visible for several years, and if you have chosen the wrong shape or size, it will be very difficult to change anything. Seven times think before you do tattoo once.

Many see the cons of eyebrow tattooing in thatafter the tattoo procedure, the eyebrows swell and look, to put it mildly, unpresentable. This is completely wrong: a slight reddening and slight swelling in the eyebrows - these are the most "terrible" consequences of tattooing. Also, do not worry because the color of the eyebrows after the procedure seems too saturated. Only a few days will be required for healing, after which the formed crust will come off and the color will become less bright. Objectively evaluate the result of tattooing you can after two weeks, and make a correction if necessary - in a month.

Eyebrow tattoo - photos before and after

And now look at the photo of the tattoo of the eyebrows before and after the procedure. As the photos clearly demonstrate, the eyebrows before and after tattooing vary drastically - the choice is yours.

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Eye tattoo - "Tattoo of the upper eyelid (photo before and after, impressions, recommendations)" | Customer Reviews

For a long time I wanted to make eye tattoos, tk. tired of drawing arrows every morning.

Before deciding to take such a step, I read information and reviews on the Internet, asked my friends, found a good salon and a good master, and still decided.

1) Degreasing and disinfection of eyelids

2) the master drew a "sketch" of future arrows (everything was coordinated with my wishes and with the experience of the master)

3) they applied an anesthetic ointment, covered it with polyethylene and in 20 minutes started to work. In general, the whole procedure took 2.5 hours. All items are sterile and disposable.

4) after "driving" the dye on the eyelid, they applied ordinary Vaseline without any additives.

The first 5 minutes I did not feel pain at all, it wasonly the feeling that the century has something to do with. But then I began to feel pain and told the master about it, after which she treated the skin with liquid lidocaine, but that's honestly not really helped me. Clenching my hands in the fists, I suffered pain (especially pain was in the inner corners of the eyes). But I want to say that it was worth it))

After the procedure, the eyelids were very swollen,on the trail. morning the edema was the same, but by the evening he slowly diminished and a day later completely disappeared. "Crust" lasted a week, i.е. In 10 days I could calmly dye and swim.

1) during the procedure, try not to twitch the eyelid and do not strain it. To do this, imagine that you are looking at some point.

2) with you you need to take dark sunglasses; swollen eyelids after the procedure and contraindicated direct exposure to sunlight.

3) do not wet your eyes, bathe and bathecarefully! I treated my eyelids with a cotton disc moistened in an aqueous solution of chlorghixedine (0.05%), then I was lubricated with a cotton bud - this is necessary to keep the crust longer and then go off evenly.

4) Do not rub your eyes and do not try to rip off the crust yourself; The longer the crust is held, the better the "color" will lie.

By the way, who says that minus the tattoo is a monotonous make-up, those are very mistaken)

Tattoo can be "masked" by the corrector and tonal means, you can "thicken" the arrow (which is very convenient, since the "base" of the arrow already exists), you can freely use the shadows.

Here, perhaps, and all) The result I'm happy, I recommend tattooing =)

intermittent tattoo (tattoo century) - Beauty salon - Center of Gravity

a few years ago (more than 2 already) did tattooingthe upper eyelid. Now the color has gone a little, it was black, and it becomes a little greenish. I decided to do a repetition, that I would return the color black, but did not take it. Tell me with what it may be connected? skin does not take or pigmet not the one?

tell me who else did inter-natal tattoo, is it reflected on the growth of eyelashes, their density?