Lower eyelids cause swelling

Some signs of trouble are given to the eyesunreasonably small value. One of them is the edema of the eyelids. It is observed quite often and has a very definite meaning. It is not always easy to detect the causes of edema. One thing can be said at once and with certainty: if the eyelids are aching, they are red, as are the proteins, and from the eyes there are secretions, then there is a disease that can be dangerous.

By itself, the edema of the tissues is universalthe body's response to inflammation. It is accompanied by a flow of blood to the capillaries and the subsequent fluid retention in the intercellular space. Edema is manifested by a kind of swelling of the body area, it can be local and general. The area around the eyes is very sensitive to infectious agents of the organs of vision and skin diseases, to allergenic substances. Her swelling has different causes, sometimes not associated with the eyes. What are they?

If the eyes do not hurt, but swell

Edema of the eyelids can have causes in the form of diseaseskidney, hypertension, influenza, or ARI. In this case, the underlying disease is subject to treatment. Disorders of sleep and nutrition also detain the fluid under the delicate skin of the eyelids. This is a temporary phenomenon, but it calls for a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, it can become a permanent, very doubtful decoration of the face.

  1. To specific eye diseases, which areaccompanied by edema, refers to conjunctivitis. It is very common and easily transmitted by contact with the patient or his personal belongings. And the presence of swelling refers to the already developed process, since the earliest symptoms of conjunctivitis are the redness of the eyelids and proteins, carvings, itching, and then - discharge and edema.
  2. With allergic conjunctivitis edema occursvery quickly, along with other symptoms. This is inherent in all processes associated with a reaction to an allergen. With edema Quinck eyelids for a couple of minutes can turn into closed snails.
  3. Local inflammation in the form of boils, barley,abscesses on the eyelids are also accompanied by edema at the site of inflammation. It can be significant in volume. But after opening the focus of inflammation and removing the cause, it falls very quickly.
  4. Inflammation of the tear gland, its tubules and saccause a violation of the separation of tear fluid. Infection comes here from other organs or from the outside, for example, being brought in by dirty hands. Her companions: edema, pain and purulent discharge.

Any edema in the eye area is clearly visible. They signal that it is necessary to find out their cause and help the eyes to preserve beauty and clarity.

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