Swollen cervix of the uterus

Endocervicosis is a disease in which the integrity of the cervix and the epithelial cover of the cervix changes.

Endocervicosis what is it? The gynecologist, when viewed with a mirror, determines the areas of the epithelium of bright color from the outside of the cervical cervical pharynx.

Endocervicosis of the cervix can appear after the transferred inflammation,most often, viral etiology, as well as due to injury by chemical contraceptives or douching. If there are ulcerative processes, suggest the presence of cancer.

Endocervical cervical symptoms

In 10-15% of women, pseudo-erosion appears. At the same time, the growth of the skeletal epithelium begins, which begins to spread to the outer surface of the neck. This occurs with an unstable hormonal background during the sexual development of the body. Such endocervicosis is a background disease that does not carry the threat of complications.

Simple endocervical disease is diagnosed whengynecological examination with a vaginal mirror. In order to determine the type of erosion, the cervix is ​​examined with a colposcope and a piece of tissue is taken for histological examination.

Simple endocervicosis can lead to the appearance of endocervicitis - inflammation of the mucous channel of the cervix.

Endocervicitis rapidly changes into a chronic formand the person ceases to be disturbed by symptomatic manifestations of the disease. Symptoms of endocervitis, the main ones are complaints of discharge, both plentiful and meager, mucous or purulent. At the same time, dull pulling pains of different intensity may appear in the lower abdomen. There may be itching in the intimate area.

When examined, the cervix is ​​red swollen, with a large number of erosions covered with pus. From the neck leak purulent discharge.

Traditionally, the cauterization of erosion. Most often used only for women giving birth, as a consequence of such treatment methods is a decrease in the elasticity of the cervix.

Another method of treatment is possible - action onareas of erosion by liquid gas. From the characteristic disadvantages of this method can be identified that it is possible to insufficiently freeze tissues, from which not all infected cells die.

Treatment with a surgical laser is more effective. The laser has a high accuracy, which ensures targeted brewing of the affected tissue.

Treatment of endocervicosis involves limitingsexual life for the whole period. You can resume it after consultation with your doctor. If endocervicosis and pregnancy are combined, what should I do? Of course, it is necessary to treat erosion before pregnancy, but if endocervicosis and pregnancy have coincided, it is possible to have a baby. After childbirth it is necessary to treat erosion, in order to avoid complications.