Swollen placenta

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PLEASE PROMOTE PLACENTS - honey. Placenta abnormality is an abnormality of the placenta location, characterized by the attachment of the placenta in the lower pole of the uterus and partial or complete overlapping of the internal pharynx or by a very close arrangement to it. Frequency 1 case per 200 ... ... Directory of Diseases

LAYER PLACENTA PREMATURE - honey. Premature detachment of the placenta separation of the normally located placenta from the uterine wall to the birth of a child. The main sign of bleeding. • External bleeding occurs when separating the peripheral part of the placenta. Blood is poured ... ... Directory of diseases

Placenta previa - I Placenta previa (plasenta praevia)abnormal attachment of the placenta, in which it is located in the region of the lower segment of the uterus, partially or completely below the presenting part of the fetus. It is observed in 0.2 0.9% of pregnant women. At partial ... Medical encyclopedia

PREMATURE LAYER PLACENTA - - detachment of the placenta during pregnancy or inbirth before the birth of the fetus. Distinguish between premature detachment of the normally located and presenting placenta. Violation of the connection of the placenta with the wall of the uterus leads to the formation of a retrocolaric hematoma and ... Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology and Pedagogy

PLEASE PROMOTE PLACENTS - - a pathological condition characterized byabnormal attachment of the placenta to the wall of the uterus, in which part of it is located in the area of ​​the internal uterine throat. It is observed more often in repeatedly pregnant women. Presentation of the placenta may be ... ... Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology and Pedagogy

Placental abruption (Abrputio Placentae) - premature rejection is normallocated the placenta, caused by the complete or partial separation of it from the walls of the uterus after 24 weeks of pregnancy and accompanied by bloody discharge from the uterus. The degree of defeat can be ... ... Medical terms

WEIGHT PLACENTES FOR INJECTIONS - (Suspensio Рlacentae prо injectionibus). Suspension of finely chopped cold-preserved human placenta in isotonic sodium chloride solution. Homogeneous (after shaking) suspension of a reddish brown color with a characteristic odor ... ... Dictionary of medical preparations

Childbirth - I Childbirth Childbirth (partus) physiological processexpulsion from the uterus of the fetus, amniotic fluid and the placenta (placenta, membranes, umbilical cord) after the fruit has reached vitality. Viable Fetus, as a rule, becomes after 28 weeks ... ... Medical Encyclopedia

RODS - - physiological process of expulsion from the uterusfetus, amniotic fluid and placenta (placenta, membranes, umbilical cord) after the fetus has reached vitality. Viable fetus, as a rule, becomes after 28 weeks of pregnancy, when ... ... Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology and Pedagogy

Toxicosis of pregnant women - (toxicoses gravidarum, a synonym for gestosis)pathological conditions of pregnant women, causally related to the developing fetal egg and, as a rule, disappearing in the postpartum period. Toxicosis, manifested in the first 20 weeks. pregnancy, usually ... ... Medical Encyclopedia

PREGNANCY - PREGNANCY. Contents: B. animals. 202 B. normal. 206 Development of the fetal egg. 208 Exchange of substances in B. 212 Changes in organs and systems in B. 214 Pathology B. ... ... The Great Medical Encyclopedia

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