Swelling of the uterus

On the problem of the omission of the uterus, many today saydoctors, hundreds of women face firsthand, and the rest try to warn her. But what you need to know, and what are the alarming bells, what are the symptoms of the uterine omission? What should I look for? Knowing all the nuances of the course and development of the problem of omission, will help a woman in time to understand what is happening to her, and to get by with "little blood".

Symptoms of ovulation of the uterus: what to look for?

Treatment of uterine prolapse in the early stages is mucheasier than when the problem has already gained momentum. The main problem of diagnosing the disease in the early stages is hidden in two points. First, the physiology of individual women allows you to ignore the symptoms of uterine omission almost completely. Secondly, many women write off the pulling pains in the lower abdomen, the fatigue, the monthly, the wrong position and so on. In other words, they close themselves from the problem, until it rests their bed. What are the signs of ovulation of the uterus</ b> and what is worth paying special attention to.

At the first stages, omission is characterized by pulling pains in the lower abdomen, in the area of ​​the ovaries. In addition, minor problems with urination and defecation can begin.

Then the development of pain will begin. First, signs of ovulation of the uterus will appear after a long sitting on a chair or behind the wheel, gradually increasing. Pay attention: the pain ceases only then, the woman takes a lying position and slightly raises her legs.

Gradually, the presence of sensation will developforeign body inside the vagina. In fact, this body becomes the swollen uterus. Nothing pleasant, these signs of omission of the uterus do not promise. Most likely, the uterus has started its "path in a straight line" and soon you will feel a crumpled vagina and a significant pain syndrome.

In addition, the problems with the bladder and intestines will worsen, which will already be "crushed" by the uterus. Naturally, there is not much to enjoy in this, and the consequences will be much more difficult to eliminate.

Then against the background of the uterus, a gradual settling of the vaginal walls begins, and a gradual eversion of the vaginal wall.

Significant omission of the pelvic organs will lead toto the regular loss of peritoneal contents into the pelvic floor. The loops of the small intestine will be the first to go. Sometimes laparoscopy is not enough to correct these consequences.

Individual signs of uterine prolapse

In different women, signs of omission of the uterus canbe different. In some, the gait changes, because it hurts them to walk, others regularly fall libido, the third begin to suffer from the problems of the excretory system more than from pain in the edematous uterus. Attention should be paid to everything.

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