Swollen retina

The retina is the inner membrane of the eyeapple, providing visual perception. Edema of the retina accompanies the eye inflammatory and dystrophic diseases. But at the same time, it is impossible to name a specific disease, it only confirms the presence of eye disease, eye trauma or appears after operations.

- image distortion and blurred vision;

- Low vision in the morning;

- the visual images become pink;

- Hypersensitivity to light.

Ophthalmoscopy helps diagnose retinal edema.

- coherent optical tomography;

Retinal heidelberg tomography.

Treatment will always depend on the length of the presence of edema, the cause of its appearance and there is the following:

- Treatment conservative. The patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, which are in drops, injections or tablets;

- Introduction to the vitreous cavitylong-acting corticosteroids. To such a method resorted then, if all other methods do not bring relief. If the vitreous body is very changed, then it is removed;

- Laser photocoagulation. It is used for diabetic edema of the retina, but this method of treatment can not in all cases cope with edema. The edemas of the ocular retina that are formed after operations are best resolved, they must pass for several months and the vision will recover.