Swelling of the foot

Good afternoon. Already more than two weeks disturb strong edemas of feet and ankles. I would like to know, with what it can be connected. I'll get to the local doctor only after 5 days, but I want to help myself somehow. Edemas appear on their own. I barely walk. In my shoes I can not put my feet, it hurts. Feeling as if I go on some air cushions and when walking like a jelly that sway inside the feet. gained weight in swelling more than 6 kg (with an increase in 172, my weight was 72 kg, now with edema 80-81 kg). Edema does not pass. Saw furosemide on a pill a day to at least somehow reduce the swelling, but no effect. Herbs also do not help much (for example, kidney tea). The situation is sadder every day. There are cushions in the ankles that it is very difficult to bend the leg when walking (just walking). At night the swelling goes a little, but it is necessary to take a vertical position in the morning, everything comes back, the swelling intensifies when walking. There was also shortness of breath, rapid pulse (more than 110 per minute). The pressure is normal. I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke. The motor activity is normal. Has removed from a ration all salty, smoked, sweet, floury already as a week ago. I do not know with what the appearance of such edema can be connected and whether it is possible at least to somehow ease the situation before I get to see a local doctor? Baths, legs up, massage, furosemide and herbal teas help, almost nothing. Tell me, please, with what my edemas can be connected? Ekaterina Mikhailovna, 28 years old, Tomsk

You need to urgently go to the doctor. On venous edemas it's not like. First of all it is necessary to be surveyed at the nephrologist and the cardiologist.

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