Can the stomach swell

Sometimes too much gas accumulates in the stomach and intestines, causing pain, eructation, bloating, colic and even local convulsions.

Gases are formed due to swallowing of air intime of conversation or meal. The accumulation of gases means that a person is worried, worried because he is afraid of losing something or being in a difficult situation. This anxiety gradually accumulates and begins to look for a way out.

The accumulation of gases tells you that youtoo concerned. Your fear of losing something or finding yourself in a quandary is not reasonable. Think about what you already have, instead of worrying about the future. Relax, do not try to cling to the accumulated. If the accumulation of gases is accompanied by a belching, see the relevant article.

Spiritual blockage and conclusion

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this bloating is called one of the symptoms of gastritis well or just the gas in the abdomen from food, beverages