What to drink in order not to swell

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Recipes of traditional medicine
Remove excess fluid from the body can behelp many vegetables, fruits and berries. These recipes are available to everyone, since unlike medicinal herbs, many fruits and vegetables are constantly in every house.

- There are berries of strawberries until full saturation at every opportunity.

- When swelling is useful, baked potatoes and potatoes in uniform. In addition, it is recommended to drink raw potato juice half a cup a day before meals.

- Rowberry berries and cowberry leaves mixed inratio of 3: 1, brew a tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, insist in a thermos for 3 hours, drain. Drink half a cup 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

- Boil a glass of dry crushed pears in a liter of water, insist 3 hours and drink 3 glasses a day.

- Infusion of hawthorn fruit blood-red with swelling should drink half a cup of 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

- Infusion of black currant leaves promotes the release of the body from excess uric acid and purine substances, so it is drunk with swelling and urine retention.

- Grate the carrots and pour boiling water overnight in a 1: 1 weight ratio. In the morning, drain. Drink the infusion hot in a glass 3 times a day.

- Boil 1/3 cup of gooseberry berries in 1.5 glasses of water, cool and drink half a glass 4-5 times a day.

I have Today was a Coke Guru (3760) 5 years ago

clean water after freezer

Mari SHOCK Profi (877) 5 years ago

I now am rescued ordinary water with a lemon, simply I fill in a lemon, a little I stand and drink.

Bestia Mudrets (11991) 5 years ago

water with a lemon, you can compote a cowberry, only not a mineral water!

Solntsek KO The Thinker (8553) 5 years ago

Than horrible. The doctor said less to drink, but I can not.
And in general they say that the green tea is well quenched

Ekaterina Avlasevich Profi (904) 5 years ago

Well. and the doctor told me in connection with the heat more (!) Drink. but only sour without sugar. I really feel - no matter how much I bleed water with a lemon - I do not swell. and from a couple of extra cups of tea with sugar - spread out

Solntsek KO The Thinker (8553) also has no edema. But I'm gaining extra weight, although I do not eat much. Because of this, she said less to drink. And you like with weight?

Lena-A Enlightened (21030) 5 years ago

Cranberry juice, or cranberry.

Tanya Mudrets (10896) 5 years ago

Green tea! I myself did not believe it until I tried it.

Chamomile Guru (4211) 5 years ago

I read on the honey site, so that it does not leak out, sit with your feet horizontally, drink more water and do warm-ups.
Need to drink more. water. Melt water is the cleanest and most useful.
and swelling not from the water that we drink, but from the severity that we carry and from the fact that the blood supply to the legs is more difficult.

Maria Pupil (152) 5 years ago

Green tea in pregnancy drink is not recommended!

Ekaterina Muravitskaya Expert (485) 5 years ago

A common mistake is to drink less with swelling. This is not true. You need to drink even more, but other drinks. It is best to quench your thirst with weak green tea, herbal diuretics (also slightly brewed) with swelling. and the most common pure non-carbonated (this is very important) water. Strong tea, coffee, sweet drinks and all the "bubbles" will only intensify your swelling. As for the norm of drinking, but it does not change - from 1.5 to 2.5 liters, depending on the weather and your weight.

Water is delayed: alcohol, salt, refined sugar, coffee. It is in this order. Alcoholic swelling (including beer) is best seen on the face and most strongly spoil the appearance. Saline edema is the most harmful for the cardiovascular system and vision. Sweet edema is less noticeable, but very difficult to drive. And finally, coffee edemas are the weakest ones, they are only present in inveterate coffeemakers, and are most easily removed. It is enough to abandon your favorite drink for a day or two, every two weeks.

my doctor spoke to me the same way as written on this site. I obeyed and almost did not swell. while the watermelons are not ripe. )

Tsunami Master (1473) 5 years ago

I was saved by green apples when I was limited to a liter a day.
try, I think will help.
by the way, and now I'm just saving them, although already as a month and a half is not pregnant.

Illusion Thinker (5379) 5 years ago

If the propensity to edema - it is better to drink natural(not from tetropak!) unsweetened mors from cranberry, cherry, currant. Cranberry perfectly quenches thirst and has a mild diuretic effect. Another Pts is a very weak boiled lemon balm with a currant leaf, and in order that the liquid does not linger, add a little more parsley to the broth. It can be drunk both hot, and cold, and warm, and with tea, and without tea. Vodichka with the addition of lemon or juice (only natural, not from bottles). I still practiced once to drink dry wine, diluting with water and ice approximately 1: 5, 1: 7. A good thirst quencher, but no matter how it provoked even more edema. Good luck!

Naydenka Enlightened (20106) 5 years ago

I drank water with lemon, less salty and sweet ate. And also cranberry juice, samodelochny. Beak is also a diuretic.

Olga Tsareva Pupil (171) 5 years ago

cranberry juice, green tea and fruit like grapefruit orange apples cherries)) all tested on myself. salt is generally better to exclude

AngelOK Guru (3570) 5 years ago

Morse. The doctor told me to drink Morse and exclude juices.

Ekaterina Kirnasova Enlightened (31864) 5 years ago

It is good to stretch cranberries with tolstick, to fill with water and drink it.

Lioness Pupil (234) 5 years ago

Better simple water or there are apples, but I can please you - you can drink everything, from this your swelling will not increase, so it is already, who swells more, who has less, in summer, of course more.