Puff paws in cats

In their majority, cats are dexterous, active animals, so they have traumas of limbs, because of which their paws may swell.

Why the cat swollen paw

But not only mechanical injuries - fractures,dislocations, sprains, nocking, bites, can cause swelling of the paws. Also, joint diseases (arthritis, osteochondrodystrophy), kidney and fungal diseases, allergic reactions, predisposition of the breed are the causes of swelling of the paws.

If you notice that the cat is swollen,carefully inspect the skin of the paw for integrity, the presence of foreign bodies. Check the pain response when feeling, see how the animal moves (limping, does not stand on its paw), whether there are cracks on the limb pads.

Depending on the results of the examination, it is necessary to provide the animal with first aid and then, if possible, take them to the hospital.

If the examination shows that the limbswollen, the animal does not become mewing, this may indicate a fracture, dislocation, bruise, distension. In this case, it is necessary to apply cold and try to immobilize the limb as much as possible, after which it is necessary to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If there are no visible symptoms of damage, there is no painful reaction when feeling, perhaps this allergy. in particular for feed and filler for the tray. In this case, try to replace the food with a hypoallergenic, change the filler for the cat's toilet and give an antihistamine. The reason for which the cat's paw was swollen may be arthritis - inflammation of the joints or osteochondrodystrophy -incorrect development of bones and joints. Osteochondrodystrophy can develop due to an unbalanced diet or a disease of pedigree belonging to Scottish cats. In such cases, antibiotic treatment is prescribed (Sinulox, Ceftriaxone), analgesics (Meloxicam, Buprenorphine). You can use physiotherapy - massage, stretching. In severe cases, surgery on the joint is possible.

For preventive purposes it is recommended to monitorthe weight of the animal, the balance of calcium and phosphorus when nourished. To determine the cause that caused the swelling of the extremities, it is necessary to consult a specialist. He will conduct the necessary studies and prescribe the treatment.