Edema of ear lobes

At first glance, a harmless situation canbring a lot of problems. Especially, there is a chance of diseases when piercing. Each time, inserting an earring into your ear, you open the way for the bacteria that live on the skin.

Pain in the ear lobe arises from theinflammatory process caused by infection. If you have increased sensitivity to metal. an allergic reaction is possible. Failure to observe hygiene rules when piercing the ears can also lead to infection.

The main symptoms are swelling and swelling of the ear lobe, its soreness. Around the hole appears reddening, detachable, which when dried, forms an itchy itchy scales.

First-aid agents are cologne andcotton balls, disinfecting solutions (hydrogen peroxide), ointments with antibiotics. Disinfect it up to 5 times a day. Do not forget about the cleanliness of the hands, do not put the phone on the phone to the sore ear.

Remember, these unpleasant processes canTry to prevent if you entrust ear piercing specialist-dermatologist. Wear earrings only from precious metals to avoid dermatitis caused by nickel - part of an alloy of cheap earrings. He is the strongest allergen. Keep an eye catcher not too short.

Be sure to contact a dermatologist, if within 3 days the ear lobe does not heal, so that the infection does not end with the inflammation of loose fiber.

If you have ear lobe, it can beinfection as a result of a puncture of the lobe or the wearing of earrings may cause unpleasant scars. This is facilitated by chronic inflammation at the puncture site.

From them, and the growth of granulation tissue begins. First, small granulations appear, then increase to the size of the beans. Treatment of this disease is keloid removal.

To diseases of the earlobe is atheroma (as in the picture). This is a benign tumor, the cause is a blockage of the sebaceous glands. Atheroma can be the size of a pea, or maybe with a chicken egg.

It contains a white thick mass (fat,epithelium, cholesterol, detritus), encapsulated. Atheroma can, having suppurated, break with the release of purulent mass. Treatment, as in the previous case, is prompt. Atheroma is removed together with the capsule.