Antidiarrheal droppers

Good afternoon. In advance thanks for the shown attention.
January 2009: acute bilateral sinusitis, was treated as an outpatient, antibiotics + vasoconstrictors.
September 2009: acute bilateral purulent gammoritis, hospitalization, multiple sinus puncture, intravenous antibiotics, decongestants, discharged in a week
October 2009: left sided sinusitis, was treated as an outpatient, pills + cuckoo
November 2009: again bilateral sinusitis with hospitalization, puncture + antibiotics + decongestant
December 2009: turned to the doctor with nasal congestion and headache, did CT scan (there was no picture with him) - no fluid was found in the sinuses, they said that just a strong swelling was removed in three days by decongestion drums and sent home.
Further ENT-doctor has told or said, that the reason of relapsesis an allergic reaction, discharged cetrine, nasobek, began to be observed in an allergist, threw all the dust collectors from the house. After the treatment, they wanted to take allergens. Did not have time :)
March 2010: felt the malaise (headache, weakness, nasal congestion) appealed to the ENT, the ENT sent to the allergist, the allergist week put the droppers with dexamethasone and calcium gluconate, by the end of the week on the day of the last dropper, both ears were pawned, by the evening of the same day she was urgently hospitalized - acute bilateral purulent maxillary sinusitis, acute tubo-otitis.
At the moment I am in the hospital, where I am examined from all sides.

Orthopantomogram and sighting X-ray of the upper 6kand 7k suspicions have not been caused by the doctors, the teeth are generally good (I follow them carefully), the dentist is sure that the maxillary sinusitis is not odontogenic, but the upper 8ks are in the stage of eruption. Erection began just in the middle of 2009, followed by endless sinusitis.

The consultation of craniofacialSurgeon - the doctor recommended removing all eight as soon as possible, in his opinion, it can help. Roughly speaking, it was said about the following: let's take off the inflammation, grind the 8 teeth, and then, if it does not help, we'll make a haymorotomy.

The questions are as follows:
a) can the seemingly healthy, practically sitting inside the figure-eight cause such frequent exacerbations?
b) and then there is an allergy, to which everything was knocked down at the beginning.

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