Severe edema at 9 months

Edema on the 9th month of pregnancy

Sveta. The heat was all summer, but I did not swell. I understand that swelling is sadness, self-pity for suppressed anger, but I can not let go. There is not enough trigger mechanism. You need your experience and your thoughts, something inside of me can click. More about the swelling, the pressure is normal, there is no protein in the urine, so while the stage is light. There is anger at her husband, father and mother (anger is background, i mean, I'm aware that she is, but we live in harmony and smoothly, as never before) The pelvis hurts, strongly from the right side (pulls, whines, shoots ). I read the topic of the hip joint, everything about me, I will let go, but it seems to me that swelling is directly related to the pelvis, pain and swelling appeared simultaneously. Thank you

Madame. It is interesting, but during pregnancy and feeding you can work on yourself? In any way will not affect the baby?

cat. You have written everything correctly, Svetlana, practically. Perhaps, there is a sense of guilt somewhere? What prevents you from letting go of stress? I hope you'll get better soon.

Sveta. I read the topic of edema, also about swelling - rageexaggerated grief-powerless anger humiliation of the husband, domination, anger at helplessness of men I forgive, I explain the situation to my daughter, but I think I do it as something not sincere, mechanically without moping, so pursuing the goal of being healthy guilt, greed - I even trained to track thoughts, catch yourself on background thoughts triggering stress, let go, but something is wrong.

Secret. Madame writes: It is interesting, but during pregnancy and feeding you can work on yourself? In any way will not affect the baby? Of course - in the positive side!

loovi. The eighth month was spent on watermelons. Therefore, there was no edema at all. Although for me it is a rarity. Hypertension and the heart give swelling constantly even without pregnancy. But on the 9th month swelling to cracks in the skin! On the soles of the feet, the pads are tied. Shoes +3 size, brushes with difficulty bend. Edema as it does not interfere. Not beautiful very much like an elephant's, legs are inflated. Mind understand that this is not good and that's all. I decided to sort it out. There is a problem (or rather, what I'm doing a problem), I see and recognize it only, and besides, I exaggerate and inflate it. The economic problem "I officially have nothing!" (in the sense of material values, nothing has been made up for me). It's probably giving edema. Cardiac edema is an exaggerated economic problem under the aegis (illusion) of a lack of love. once loves - must provide material security. Worst of all, I'm also terribly dead-witted, not such in general. Again, once he loves himself, he must guess what it is that needs to insure me financially. Already a fragile tangle of stress. Moreover, a woman may suffer from a lack of material safety in various scales: someone did not buy a stroller at the time, to whom the business was not written off, the amount of swelling is not affected. both will get swelling of the feet to complete. And what happens during pregnancy. And the closer to childbirth - the worse. material problems are doubled! because the material problems are now not only for me, but for the child. He is also "not financially protected!" From winding = exaggeration of the material problem (often far-fetched) legs swell like an elephant! even about this problem, the grief is wound up too (I can not give an exact reason for indicating .mozh from the fact that someone did not guess the problem in my opinion). All this is suitable for the case. if your hands are puffy. so hotstsa hapnut, press. And do not give a hapnut and squeeze. This is not fair! I'm pregnant, I'm waiting for the child, I urgently need to give (let) take (hapnut). And take hotsts somehow more. the material problem can sound differently, very often veiled: I need guarantees (not the values ​​themselves) that if anything does not get me wrong I need the right to dispose of the matencies myself I need to spend money at my discretion I need money to buy the child all the best and unnecessary I want to control who did what to where I spent the poor unhappy I have nothing that Masha has (a neighbor, wife of a resident, her own husband) Under the "I" and "me" during pregnancy, I and the child, I and the rabbi ka. In all seriousness, the illusion grows that now with pregnancy my material rights increase many times. From this leg or foot not that that swell - swell. And the stronger the desire to get the more swollen hands. It is necessary to understand that the problem is far-fetched! Let her go and let her alone. the situation is yes, it is, but it is not a problem, it is just a given. there is no need to give trouble. release the problem. let go of the material, around which the problem turns. We release the thirst for profit. Desire to receive. Hap. accept and begin to love that material reality. which is at the moment. we remember when we ourselves wanted such a given and why suddenly it stopped us from arranging. (For example, I myself wanted to have all the money from my husband and we did large purchases together, I have only the amount of pins, and suddenly I'm stressed and I have stress.) If you do not feel like swelling to drink water you need to let go of the complication. The stress of complicating everything does not tolerate simplicity = pure water. the actual exaggeration and complication of the twin brothers. Edema slows down the metabolism. prevents slag removal. so we copy slags in ourselves = the results of working out the stresses, the metabolism toxins are not output. The waste stresses, not deduced from the body, go to new scroll circles. On the 8th, 9th month the movement becomes more difficult and the amount of movement will decrease - this is just very good for edema. We need to move more. even simple gymnastics is already good! soft smooth movements, but there are a lot of them. Movement also distracts from unnecessary circular thoughts. release the complication. Let's release the simplification. We try to love simplicity.

Constanta. loovi, I remember my state of pregnancy -insecurity is complete. Even with all that is available, more precisely defenselessness due to physical condition. You, in fact, do not have any puzzled problems. There are absolutely real and justified. But edema, rather, I would associate with helplessness and helplessness from pregnancy - the burden. I watched this at my daughter about a week before the birth. By that time she was already tired. Edema is a sadness from one's own condition, from one's own ugliness. In the end, it's just hard already, at this time. I still had some insult (?) For fatigue from pregnancy, for discomfort due to the abdomen: no shoes to put on, no toenails to cut, many problems with constipation. This offense also caused small swelling, although my little babies were born on the 8th and 7th month.

loovi. I have no resentment, there is little sadness. I'm not particularly tired and my belly does not interfere much this time (on the contrary it allows me to be still, to get more away and attention). I was convinced that I'm not an ordinary beauty, well, last week the faces have run down, but my tummy is just fine. But defenselessness is yes! She's also a sense of insecurity. but this term can be called my state about the "material" problems. From all the officials and doctors, I was obscured by the full program. and from whom else I can defend myself and I do not know. Gal, I'll tell you a secret, in fact, all my problems are far-fetched. The current will start to think the other way and the problems disappear like smoke. Do not stare at. it is better to look into the eyes!

Hasida. Alain, I still remember that edema appears whena person feels that he is being used. Plus quote I throw, I wrote them out before, I do not remember exactly from which book. It's a hot summer. People walking around swollen legs, and they explain it with heat and a sedentary lifestyle. The swelling of the hands and face is less obvious. Legs swell rhythmically - in the mornings and evenings. Edema is the stop of the movement of fluid in the body. Edema - indicates that the excess and useless fluid stagnates and wants to say something, but they do not understand it. Newborns in the body contain 70% water. In adults it is 62% water. The blood contains 84% ​​water. Swelling refers to lymphatic disease. The reason for this is the woman's anger at the helplessness of the man. This situation is much more serious and dangerous than it may seem at first glance. We belong to humanity and carry in ourselves the stresses of humanity. Malevolence of male helplessness originates from the sphere of economics. But it also exterminates male sexuality. This occurs against the background of the suppression of the husband by the wife, deriding her husband and his mental abilities, as well as other humiliations. As a result, the husband suffers, the wife suffers even more, and the child suffers most of all. Puffiness usually begins with the legs, which indicates an excessive malice against the economic and gender insufficiency of men. If the wife perceives sex and love as different things and starts to get angry because the husband is so stupid, that even she does not know how to love, her face and hands swell. If she starts her husband to blame for this, then the trunk swells. Quite often there are some exaggerations, but the edema itself is increasing. With his bad thoughts, the wife provokes the growing failures of her husband and, with each new failure, thinks: "Lord, well, what kind of prostitutes are these men." The wife undermines the husband's confidence in himself, he does not dare to take anything substantial, and meanwhile the woman's contempt increases. She identifies her husband with all the male representatives, and when she fusses around the house on her swollen feet in the evening, she grumbles at her husband, "You're all right." I'd run away too-I do not tire out work, but I sick ". Look at the old people, both women and men, who walk around, incessantly swearing life and circumstances. They also cursed themselves and their aching legs, not realizing that the anger at the diseased place only aggravated the disease. They all have a pronounced, painful swelling of the legs. Puffiness is more characteristic of the female sex. Men can not keep their feelings with them for a long time. Edema says that you exaggerate, remembering all those cases when he hurt you, which he, however, will continue to do. Edema warns that because of the exaggeration you can fall into despair and stop seeing its good side. For example, if you are sure that you always get sick from the cold, and in general you think that the cold is bad and people still get sick of it, then on the place of the real cause there is swelling. Who tallyychit "anyway", the swelling and should arise. swelling of the feet is anger at the mismanagement of men!

Nick-Gal. loovi. my eyes caught on the phrase loovi wrote: The eighth month was spent on watermelons In watermelons a lot of potassium. In this direction already looked?

Maura2. Hasida writes: swelling of the feet is anger at the mismanagement of men! And if such a swelling in a man - then this is that, anger at himself?