Edema in case of heart problems

One of the important and effective ways in the complex treatment of cardiovascular disease is diet therapy. When heart problems need to be very responsive to nutrition.

At the same time, something to exclude or, conversely, add.

For all diseases of the cardiovascular systemis the restriction in the daily diet of sodium salts. Need to eat in small portions, but often enough. To avoid the difficulty of the cardiovascular system, the last time you need it 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.

You should not consume a large amount of salt, it detains fluid in the body, which can provoke swelling, which will make the work of the heart difficult.

With extreme caution, you must treat oilyfood, pork, lamb, butter, pates and stuff. Do not get involved in eggs, maynosis. Mayonnaise can be substituted for olive oil, which will not allow depositing on the walls of the vessels choleserin plaques.

Increase the use of foods with largefiber content. It lowers cholesterol, cleanses the intestines, protects against the appearance of cells of certain types of cancer, promotes rapid saturation. Fiber fills the stomach, contributing to a faster sense of satiety, without consuming excess calories, which helps to lose weight. Cabbage, beans, oats, bran, vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber.

Do not get carried away with fresh pastries. It will be advisable to eat crumbs or bread with bran, or black.

Incomplete green tea can be very useful - it reduces blood pressure and lowers blood sugar levels.

Exciting central nervous system and heart substances are completely excluded from the diet. such as strong tea, coffee, cocoa, spicy seasonings, spices.