Swelling after quitting smoking

Alina Guru (3350), closed 2 years ago

smoked for 12 years. I try to quit. the first day stayed normal. on the second day I woke up with a terrible weakness, a retardation and a strongly swollen face. after dinner she lit up - until the evening passed. I smoked several days. yesterday again decided not to smoke. there is no desire to smoke, but frightens the general condition and most of all - why the face swells up? I've never heard anything like it. can someone come across or something about this heard.
p.s. I throw without pills, plasters and other nonsense

* Queen * Oracle (84277) 2 years ago

I'm 2 months old. back also tossed, smoked for a long time, almost like you. It did not swell up, but the inhibition was. And if you give up smoking and throwing, then it swells up something because of problems with the kidneys, they can not cope. Try not to drink at night, do not eat fruits and vegetables watery at night.

In Feathers the Miracle Thinker (7817) 2 years ago

A plaster for help, and electronic cigarettes.

Lenochka Enlightened (39751) 2 years ago

Well, you're winding it yourself. Is the face swollen? Probably at night a lot of liquids drank. Smoking here has nothing to do with it.

autumn Oracle (87559) 2 years ago

I also do not think that the face swelling is associated with the rejection of cigarettes. Look at yourself in the mirror. you change-and it's cigarettes. I also threw without pills and other things.

Alexander Egorov Guru (3605) 2 years ago

another face swells up from overheating, if you sleep in clothes and under a blanket.
And when you throw your head slightly spinning.
Recently threw, then lit from idleness.