Products that relieve swelling

Posted by Ирина in 29 July 2014, 00:21

Edema is a problem that many people face. The causes of edema can be: heart disease, kidneys, urinary system, excess weight, menstrual problems in other systems and organs. The topic of today's article - how to removeedema .

Bags under the eyes, swelling of the face contour,swelling of the hands and impossibility to fasten the boots in the evening - these are the first signs that it's time to start fighting with swelling and it's time to see a doctor.

But in addition to special medicines there are natural products - diuretics, which will help get rid of excess fluid without washing away potassium and other beneficial substances from the body.

How to relieve swelling - the best diuretic products

If every morning to drink a glass of infusion from the root of ginger, then this will become a pledge of an excellent condition of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Decoction of celery seeds naturally enhances the process of removing excess fluid from the body.

Those who love horseradish need not worry about swelling is a wonderful natural diuretic, which very well removes excess fluid.

if you regularly enter in the diet dishes from asparagus, the useful phytonutrients and trace elements easily activate the processes of cleansing the body and in a natural way will remove the slag and stagnant liquid.

The decoction of the leaves of the dandelion helps to eliminate the liquid, it saturates the body well with potassium.

If you regularly add 10-15 grams of parsley to your food, swelling and bags under the eyes will stop worrying.

A natural diuretic, green tea, relieves swelling, relieves swelling and speeds up metabolic processes in the body.

Citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, orange)

All fruits in which a lot of vitamin C will behave a pronounced diuretic effect. And there are a lot of citrus fruits in it. Therefore, with swelling, weakened immunity, when recovering from illnesses, intense physical exertion, it is necessary to consume as many oranges, lemons, grapefruits and mandarins as possible.

Melon (melon and watermelon)

These delicious fruits are useful in that they resistinflammatory processes in the body, have a good effect on metabolism, gently cleanse the intestines, destroy microbes and remove toxins and toxins. The melons have a very low calorie content, they are a remarkable diuretic, the main thing is not to consume them together with other foods.

Vegetables (cucumbers, pumpkin, carrots)

Cucumbers remove from the body salts of heavymetals, chase bile, they are a good laxative and urinary means - in the season it is necessary to eat as many cucumbers as possible to those who suffer from edema. Pumpkin is the best dietary vegetable, carrots need the body not only as a diuretic, but also for the health of the eyes, improving the condition and color of the skin.

Many people know about the benefits of cranberries. So, if you consume the beak freshly or make a mors from it, you can get rid of swelling. This berry is not only a diuretic, but has an antibacterial effect, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps cope with kidney ailments.

Another thing to remember about lingonberries, which is verywell quenches thirst in the hot season. This berries are treated with inflammatory processes in the urinary system, it restores immunity well after disease. howrelieve swelling. Within 3 weeks, you need to eat 0.5 cups of fresh berries every day.