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Allergy is the body's response to certainsubstances, on contact with them. Now an allergy is one of the most common diseases. Unfortunately, medicine can not completely cure this disease at the moment.

  1. An allergen can be food orcertain components that make up their composition. When you have an allergy, you must always consult a doctor to quickly identify the allergen. To remove from the diet is better not only the product that caused allergies, but it is desirable to abandon the similar to it in composition;
  2. Very often allergies are caused by medications. so before using, be sure to read how to take the drug and what side effects and contraindications it has;
  3. Also, allergies can cause bites of variousinsects, in the form of rashes. itching. redness, swelling on the skin, or rashes. As a rule, this is a short-term reaction of the body, but if it does not, then you need to turn to a specialist;
  4. Another cause of allergy may be the sun;
  5. Animal wool is also capable of causing allergies, it can be cured only by ceasing to communicate with animals;
  6. Allergies can occur on cold. there may be a rash, pimples, swelling;
  7. Dust can also cause an allergic reaction. the causative agent of such an allergy dust mite.

Allergies are often confused with fungus and scabies. It appears quickly and can be, as several hours, and several days. Eruptions appear as pale red swelling in certain areas of the skin or throughout the body, in appearance similar to hives.

If rashes are accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, stomach pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If an allergy occurs on a particular siteskin, after interaction with the allergen it is dermatitis. As a rule, it occurs because of cosmetics. household chemicals or metal. Contact dermatitis usually does not appear immediately. Reaction to an allergen can occur only the next time you use it. When lesions can form, bubbles, causing itching.

Manifestation of an allergy in a child

Red spots on the baby on the cheeks

There are other manifestations of allergy. Sometimes, there is no reaction on the skin or it is practically invisible. During an allergy, eyes may become watery or blush. There may be swelling of the eyelids, lips, or face. Many have an allergic rhinitis.

Allergy on the cheeks is manifested in redness,rashes, there may be swelling. As a consequence, if the child has red cheeks, with allergies may be inflammation of the mucous membranes, an increase in lymph nodes, a fever.

Diathesis or allergic dermatitis in children is more common, but in adults the allergy on the cheeks can also be. These ailments can leave traces on the face, so they need to be treated.

Allergic reactions on the cheeks of babiesarise, as a rule, because the mother receives the milk of the mother containing the allergen. Therefore, it is necessary to try to exclude from the diet a potential allergen.

In children, an allergy on the cheeks is most often seen from 3 months. To cause an allergy on the cheeks in children is capable of many factors:

  • medications;
  • toxicosis during pregnancy;
  • diseases;
  • maternal nutrition;
  • Food ;
  • the same type of diet;
  • cold or warm.

These are the most common causes of allergies in children on the cheeks.
You can develop allergies on the cheeks and on one cheek. You can see the allergy on the cheeks in the photo shown below.

Treatment of allergies on the cheeks

How to treat an allergy depends on the cause of its appearance:

  1. The first thing to do in this situation is to eliminate the allergen. To do this, you need to change the laundry with the content of artificial materials.
  2. If the cheeks are allergic to the sun, then try not to walk in hot weather. Stop using drugs that are taken for a long time.
  3. Treatment begins with cleansing the face. It is better to cleanse with natural dairy products, soap and cosmetics should not be used to not increase the allergic reaction.
  4. Allergic dermatitis is treated with antihistamines and ointments based on antihistamines.
  5. Also it is necessary to observe a hypoallergenic diet. After undergoing an allergic reaction, the diet should be followed for a while, so as not to get a relapse.

Medicines against allergies should be prescribed by a physician based on a specific situation. The danger to health is not properly selected treatment and self-treatment.

Treatment of allergies on the cheeks of children

When treating children with dermatitis, you can not usestrong drugs, enough antihistamine ointments. Be sure to observe hygiene. The child should be often washed and wiped dry, and also make air baths.

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