Edema and cesarean section

Cesarean section in the modern world is perceived as something simple, not requiring special attention - such as tooth extraction or light surgical manipulation. In fact, cesarean section is nothing more than,as a real cavitary operation, which requires anesthesia (or other anesthesia), can give its complications, and does not pass unnoticed for any organism. And recovery after caesarean section is similar to recovery after removal of appendicitis or any other operation of the abdominal cavity. The only difference is the presence of the baby, who also needs care and attention and who can not explain that Mom herself does not feel very well, and she needs help herself. And how to reconcile the recovery after cesarean section with the presence of a small child, we now talk.

Possible complications after cesarean section

Due to the fact that the cesarean section isan operation involving the cutting of abdominal tissues, it can be accompanied by various complications associated with the abdominal cavity and with the body of the woman as a whole.

First, any operation impliesa certain degree of blood loss. For comparison: if at usual, physiological births, you lose the order of a glass of blood (200-250 ml), then during cesarean section blood loss is much more - from half a liter to a liter of blood. Naturally, this gives certain complications associated with emergency blood transfusion or other medical manipulations aimed at restoring normal hematopoiesis. With natural childbirth, if there were no complications, no such measures are envisaged - a lost glass of blood is easily restored in the body for some time.

Second, a possible complication of caesarean sectionmay be the occurrence of adhesions in the intestine of a woman. If the spikes are small, you will not experience any special discomfort. But if the spikes are strongly pronounced - you may have problems with stools, digestion, pain in the abdomen. In this case, doctors prescribe special physiotherapy procedures, and in especially severe cases, spikes are treated even by surgical methods.

Thirdly, the operation of cesarean section, if itwas carried out even with the slightest imperfections in the field of hygiene, can lead to endometritis - inflammation of the uterus. The thing is that during the cesarean section, the uterus cavity is directly in contact with the surrounding air - and if even the slightest pathogenic bacterium gets into the uterus - inflammation will begin. Of course, with natural births, endometritis also sometimes occurs - but the incidence of such incidents is incommensurable with the frequency of similar cases in cesarean section.

And, finally, in the fourth, cesarean section is fraught withviolations of uterine contractions. If there are no mechanical effects on the uterus during natural delivery, the uterine muscle intersects with the caesarean section, which can disrupt the uterine contractility. To remedy the situation, after cesarean section in the maternity hospital additional therapy is carried out, aimed at improving the contractility of the uterus.

The woman's health after cesarean section

The state of health of a woman after childbirth, regardless offrom how the child was born, is markedly different from her usual state of health. Let's analyze the basic characteristics of a woman's health after a cesarean section.

Recovery after anesthesia. If you have had a cesarean section under generalanesthesia, it is possible such manifestations as vomiting, hallucinations, nausea, etc. Therefore, agree in advance that during the recovery period after cesarean section (at least during the first 2 days), you should have someone close to you.

If the operation was carried out usingepidural anesthesia. then the first day after her often a woman feels numbness of the lower body from the legs to the abdomen. In addition, within approximately 12 hours after the anesthesia should lie only on the back, without changing the posture. Of course, all this gives certain inconveniences and slows down the recovery after cesarean section.

General state of the body after cesarean section. As a result of surgery, the overallthe state of the body - to rise the temperature, to gallop pressure, to hurt the seam, to feel nausea, etc. Since the postoperative period is fraught with all sorts of inflammation or penetration of infection into the wound (which is why all of the above signs appear), recovery after cesarean section is always accompanied by antibiotic therapy with the use of antibiotics. As for nausea, this is normal after cesarean section, but if it lasts more than 3 days - be sure to tell the doctor about it so that he can find out the reasons for the nausea and take the necessary measures.

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Seam state after caesarean section. The seam is a very vulnerable place on your body afterperformed operation, therefore it is necessary to carry out special care after it. Within 7 days after caesarean section, the seam should be treated with antiseptics and do not have any mechanical effects (including a washcloth during washing). After the termination of anesthesia, the seam can begin to ache strongly. In order not to suffer from pain, doctors usually offer young mothers painkillers that can be stabbed directly into the seam area. If you are breastfeeding, do not worry - these drugs do not enter breast milk.

Excrement after caesarean section. After childbirth (including cesarean section) youYou may experience problems with urination and suffer from constipation and gases. To solve the problem of urination, you will put a catheter for 1-2 days. The only drawback of the catheter is that it can cause inflammation of the bladder or urethra, so if there is the slightest discomfort, it should be removed.

With regard to constipation and gases, which canappear due to cavity surgery and pain in the seam region, then this problem can be solved by using products that improve intestinal motility, laxatives or, in rare cases, even enemas. If the question is only about gases, you can use special preparations against gases or use a special gas pipe (for children).

Features of breathing after caesarean section. Special breathing exercises significantlyfacilitate recovery after caesarean section. To remove the anesthesia from the body and spread out the lungs to avoid postoperative pneumonia, doctors advise women to do breathing exercises and cough.

Very useful for recovery after cesareansection such an exercise: tightly press the seams of your hands, pillow or bandage the seam with a towel (to reduce the pain when doing the exercises), and then draw more air into the lungs and sharply, but gently exhale, drawing in your stomach. Especially useful is this exercise for those who feel gurgling and sobbing in the lungs. By the way, such an exercise can be done before surgery, if you have a planned cesarean section. So you will have less chance that your lungs will accumulate fluid.

Extra fluid in the diaphragm area can be manifested by pain in the shoulder. To avoid this, it is also worth doing physical exercises and, if necessary, applying pain medication.

The beginning of physical activity after cesarean section. As soon as anesthesia goes away, you will be able toto get out of bed with someone else's help. Someone this time can come in a few hours after the operation, someone - only a few days. But whenever you decide to get up, in the first minutes of your physical activity, you may be accompanied by dizziness, weakness, numbness of the limbs, darkening in the eyes and other signs, predicting a quick faint collapse. In order not to fall immediately, as soon as you rise to your feet, turn over on your side and hang your legs from the bed, as far as possible. Then slowly sit down, sit for a while on the bed, turn your limbs to improve blood circulation. When you feel that dizziness has receded, put your feet on the floor and stand on them with the help of someone. If you stand at you it turns out - try to resemble (it is natural, with support). Each time, gradually increase the duration of your physical activity - and very soon you will completely recover after cesarean section.

The condition of the uterus after cesarean section. In the same way as in the situation with naturalchildbirth, the uterus comes back to normal for some time after delivery. This is manifested in involuntary contractions of the uterus - the only "but" may be that contractions of the uterus after caesarean section give an additional strain on the suture.

Swelling and sweating. After cesarean section, as after naturalchildbirth, there may be increased sweating and swelling of the legs. The situation in the case of Caesarean section is aggravated by the fact that physical activity after the operation is rather limited - therefore, it is necessary to struggle with swelling especially intensively. To swelling did not lead to varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, be sure to wear elastic stockings.

To deal with sweating, wipe off as necessary with a damp cloth (after washing for a week after cesarean section is not possible).

Suture removal. If you do not have self-absorbing seams,will have to be removed - about a week after the operation. In the first days after the removal of stitches, the place of the scar may itch, and from the wound there should be a small discharge. With proper hygiene, these secretions will soon cease.

Nutrition after cesarean delivery

The first day after the operation is quite modest in terms of nutrition. During this period it is allowed only to drink - water with lemon juice.

After a day, if the state of health is normal, you canuse chicken broth, chopped boiled meat, cottage cheese and natural yogurt (all low-fat), curd or meat puree or souffle, fruit drink or compote without sugar.

If in the process of recovery after cesareansection You yourself went to the toilet "in large" on the 4th-5th day after cesarean section - you can rejoice! You can start eating the way you are used to (of course, with regard to breastfeeding and your own well-being).

Breastfeeding after caesarean section

Problems with breastfeeding after cesareansections are very far-fetched. Feeding the child after natural delivery and caesarean section is different only in the timing of the onset. If after natural birth milk comes on 3-4 days, after caesarean it can be waited only for 4-5. The reason for this delay is that with natural births, the hormone responsible for lactation is released into the blood immediately after birth, and in the cesarean section this phenomenon occurs later.

But the late arrival of milk after cesarean section does not affect the condition of the newborn in any way, all the more, with acute necessity, it can always be supplemented with a infant formula.

Recovery after Caesarean section in daily life

Well, the primary recovery has passed - and youreturned home with the baby. How will your life now change, and what restrictions in everyday life will be present for you for a while after cesarean section?

With regard to weight lifting, then within 2-3 months after cesarean section it is counter-indicative to lift weight more than your child's weight (that is, about 3-4 kg).

Even if you want to quickly bring your figurein order after the birth - and decided, first of all, to start swinging the press - wait at least a month until the seam is alive. Otherwise, the consequences can be most unpleasant.

Resumption of sexual relations afterCaesarean section occurs after at least 8 weeks - since the uterus after any kind of birth is a big wound. And if in it in the process of sexual intercourse gets an infection - inflammation can not be avoided!

And, finally, with regard to postpartumbandage, then abusing it, recovering from cesarean section, is not worth it. Much more useful is the situation when the muscles will work independently.

Recovery after caesarean section -quite a difficult period, and your loved ones must understand this. To ease your life a little after caesarean section, do not neglect the requests for help in caring for the child and in housework. Remember that care and care in your situation is needed not only for the child, but for you!

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