Edema on the ninth month

Here comes the long-awaited last monthpregnancy. The future Mom is looking forward to the beginning of childbirth, because the condition of a pregnant woman in the ninth month can hardly be called pleasant and joyful. The body of a woman is actively preparing for the forthcoming birth, causing a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant sensation to the woman. The kid has already reached its maximum growth and is waiting for the cherished moment to see the world. The ninth month of pregnancy has begun and labor can occur quite suddenly at any time. This should not be feared, because the baby on the ninth month is considered full. In the meantime, it's time to prepare everything you need in the hospital, make the final touches in the nursery for your favorite crumbs and wait for the real bouts.

The ninth month of pregnancy how many weeks

Most future mothers know the time of theirpregnancy to within a week, but for future daddies it can be difficult to determine from which week the ninth month of pregnancy begins. The ninth month of pregnancy lasts from 37 to 41 weeks. At this time, knowing your pregnancy period is necessary in order to guess at what time the delivery can occur. And they can happen quite unexpectedly, so you need to have the bag already collected in the maternity hospital (what you need to take with you to the hospital) and all the necessary documents.

Baby in the ninth month of pregnancy

Baby in the ninth month of pregnancy is alreadyfully ready for life outside the mother's abdomen. The baby developed a sucking reflex, which the first year of life of the baby will be vital. The digestive system is ready to begin reception and processing of breast milk, and the lungs of the baby perform respiratory movements.

On the ninth month of pregnancy, the fetus looks like a perfectly proportioned little man, his skin has acquired a soft pink color, and the lanugo fluff has practically disappeared from the body.

After birth, the original grease and lanugo can be preserved on those skin areas where special protection is required. For example, on gentle shoulders or folds.

At the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy, the baby is alreadyoccupies a position from which will be born. The normal position of the fetus is the head presentation, when the baby is placed head down. In this situation, he tries to the birth itself. If the baby takes a wrong position, then this can be an indication for the caesarean section.

Now the baby occupies the entire uterine cavity and placesfor active movements he practically does not. However, this does not mean that it should not move. Just his movements will become more smooth and not so sharp. It is considered. That before childbirth a little calms down, gaining strength before the forthcoming journey through the birth canal.

The nervous system makes the final touches to itsdevelopment. The intestine is ready for work and the first feces of the baby - meconium - have even accumulated in it. This is the result of a reassembly of amniotic fluid, broken blood cells and dead cells of the intestine and skin. The liver has already accumulated enough iron, which will ensure the functioning of the hematopoiesis the first year of life of the baby. However, until the birth itself, iron in the liver will continue to accumulate. Ready to work in the outside world and the heart of the child. After the baby is born, the hole in the central septum will close, and blood circulation will occur through the lungs. Now the process of blood circulation passes through the lungs, because the baby does not breathe for real.

The baby's immune system is still going onform, and this process will be preserved after birth. Now the baby gets antibodies through the placenta, and then they will get to the baby through breast milk. Therefore, it is very important that the baby is breastfed for the first year of life. The reproductive system in girls is already fully developed, but in boys the process of lowering the testes into the scrotum is still ongoing. In rare cases, a child can be born before the completion of this process.

By the time of birth, the child by averagereaches a weight of 3500 kg and a height of 53 cm. However, it is worthwhile to understand that these indices are very average. The size of the baby depends only on the individual characteristics of the development of pregnancy.

The ninth month of pregnancy sensation

A few weeks before the birth, the future mothershe will feel that it is easier for her to breathe. This is due to the fact that the baby has lowered his head to the bottom of the pelvis and the uterus no longer squeezes the lungs. But at the same time there will be a dull, pressing pain in the pubic area due to the pressure of the child's head on the nerve endings.

Swelling in the ninth month of pregnancy is alsomake themselves felt, along with private urination. Because of the tremendous workload and the increased amount of fluid in the body of a future mother, the ninth month of pregnancy is often swollen legs. In addition to complying with a special diet and limiting the intake of fluids, special attention should be given to proper rest.

The belly in the last month of pregnancy is no longergrows, but the skin at the same time is under tremendous strain and can be unbearably itchy. Do not scratch it and do not neglect the daily use of a special cream or oil from stretch marks. Many pregnant women say that they went to bed with a beautiful tummy, but woke up and already had red stripes on it. Therefore, it is important to remember that stretch marks can appear literally overnight, but it's very difficult to get rid of them, and often it's impossible.

Late pregnancy may appearunpleasant symptom of the first trimester, namely fainting and dizziness. Only now they have nothing to do with stuffy rooms and lack of oxygen, now the cause of their appearance was a clamped hollow vein during a rest on the back. It is for this reason that it is very important for a pregnant woman to know how to sleep late in pregnancy so that there are no complications. Most specialists recommend sleeping late on the later stages of pregnancy so that the vena cava is not squashed.

At this time of pregnancy, the woman becomesespecially absent-minded and forgetful. Nevertheless, before the birth, there are bursts of violent energy. Physical and emotional fatigue goes away and the nesting syndrome comes on the way, when the expectant mother wants to do everything and build the apartment as much as possible for the appearance of the baby.

Last month is given especially difficult for the future mother. Pregnancy in the ninth month of pain does not leave the woman until the birth itself. They appear here and there and are associated with a huge load and changes in the body of a pregnant woman. At night, a painful spasm causes a painful cramp, the ninth month of pregnancy pains the abdomen and drawing pains in the lower back, pressing dull pain in the pubic region, pain in the buttocks and pelvic region, contractions of the uterus become more palpable and this is not the whole list. Now the strength of the future mother is just at the limit, but it is worth remembering that no other pregnancy has lasted forever and very soon everything will end, there is only a little to suffer.

The ninth month of pregnancy allocation

At the end of the ninth month of pregnancy,the nature of the discharge. Now it is considered absolutely normal mucus secretion, in which I can have blood veins. As a rule, such allocation can be provoked by examination at the gynecologist, or after intimate intimacy with the spouse. But a few weeks before the birth can begin to move away from the mucous plug. This is a normal phenomenon before childbirth, but if a future mother has fears about this, it's worth to see the doctor. Bleeding in the ninth month of pregnancy, as well as at any other time, causes particular concern in a pregnant woman. If it appears, you should immediately contact a specialist. Most often at this stage of pregnancy, every fourth case of bleeding is triggered by premature detachment of the placenta. In this case, mom and baby should feel good. A slight placental abruption in the final stage of pregnancy remains without consequences and may even remain completely unnoticed. However, only the doctor can diagnose the exact cause of bleeding.

The detachment of a large part of the placenta may threatenrather serious external and internal bleeding, which can remind menstruation with a certain number of clots. In this case, the woman's blood pressure decreases, the pulse becomes faster, pallor and weakness appear.

Bleeding on the ninth month of pregnancy what consequences

When bleeding caused bypremature detachment of a larger area of ​​the placenta, at best, the future mother will be prescribed a bed rest under constant supervision of the doctor. In difficult cases, it is possible to use caesarean section or call preterm labor. In any case, with the appearance of bleeding, the timely participation of the attending physician is necessary.

Every pregnant woman on the ninth month withimpatiently awaits the onset of labor and looks closely at the changes or symptoms that indicate the onset of the birth process. Find out the exact date of the appearance of the baby is impossible, even when performing ultrasound the specialist says only the approximate date of birth, because when it is necessary to appear in the world solves only the baby. However, there are some precursors of childbirth, which can tell future mother that delivery is just around the corner.

The approaching birth is brighter than anything elseAbdomen dropping when the baby falls into the pelvic area. In addition, a slight decrease in weight can signal a forthcoming event. Some experts say that in a few days a woman can lose 1-2 kg, this is due to hormonal changes before childbirth.

However, it is worthwhile to understand that pregnancy carriesindividual character and one pregnancy can have weight loss, and the other will not have it completely, or the birth will begin not in a few days, but, for example, in a few weeks.

As for the approaching births, the departure is saidmucous tube. As soon as the cervix begins to ripen, then its channel is slightly opened. Mucous plug, which all this time served as a protective barrier, begins to come out. As a rule, mucus is colorless or with a yellow tinge, but it happens with veins of blood.

While the body is completing preparation for childbirth,the future mother has time thoroughly prepared for the upcoming event, but the main thing is to remain calm and positive attitude. Given that childbirth can occur at any time, it is better, when leaving home, to always take a passport and an exchange card.

Nutrition for the ninth month of pregnancy

At the ninth month of pregnancy,is a very important moment in the life of the future mother. On how well it depends not only the overall weight gain, but also the well-being of the mother and baby, as well as the development of the forthcoming births. Weight in the ninth month of pregnancy should normally increase by 12-14 kg from the moment of pregnancy. However, for each future mother, the weight is composed of individual parameters. However, if the addition of a future mother significantly exceeds the norm, it is worth paying attention to proper nutrition.

Salted, fried, spicy food, confectioneryproducts in the last month of pregnancy should completely disappear from the diet of the future mother. Now also it is necessary to reduce the consumption of food, with a high content of calcium. Preference now is given to vegetables and fruits, various cereals with a small addition of meat.

Sex in the ninth month of pregnancy

In the ninth month of pregnancy, you can studysex or not, each family decides individually. The opinion of specialists in this regard is divergent. Some claim. That at such a late period of pregnancy it is better to refrain from intimate relationships, because they can provoke premature birth. Other specialists do not see good reasons for refusing physical closeness of spouses, in the absence of contraindications during pregnancy.

There are cases when the baby sits in the tummy longer than it is supposed to and then sex can become one of the methods of natural stimulation of childbirth.

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Author of the publication: Leonid Guryev