Where there are cardiac edema

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My close friend when climbingstairs, choked, was treated, but then I was told, I do not like hospitals, apparently tired of the treatment. But then when she got married, she gave birth to a child and after she died she died.

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The mechanism is very simple.
Mitral heart disease, for example stenosis of thisvalve. The blood already as it should not circulate through this narrowed hole in the heart, it's like a rusted water pipe, hence the dyspnea begins. In such situations, the narrow opening of the valve overgrows and a lethal outcome occurs because the blood flow is completely blocked.
Another pathological condition of this valve isits insufficiency, its opening is completely open, valve flaps are eaten by a pathological process. The patient has a stage of decompensation, heart failure appears. Begin with swelling on the feet, shortness of breath first with physical exertion, then at rest. In more severe stages, swelling on the legs increases, the liver increases, ascites appears (fluid in the abdomen). dyspnea increases, the patient can not even lie. Shortness of breath here appears because of the body's loading of liquid.
The disease is very serious, for 11 years I worked in the department of rheumatology as a nurse in a regional hospital with such patients, they are very heavy.
If the patient does not have a stage of decompensation, then he is shown the operation to replace the heart valve.

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stagnant fluid in the alveoli of the lungs so begins lung edema and death ..

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Dyspnea can also be from high cholesterol in the blood vessels. read the rest above