Swelling after mastectomy treatment

The most common complication afterradical mastectomy is considered to be a swelling of the hand. This fact is due to the fact that during surgery it is necessary to cross a fairly large number of small lymphatic vessels, which are located in the subclavian and axillary regions. As a result, there is a violation of the outflow of lymph by hand. The development of edema in this case is also possible due to scarring of the wound, which remains after such surgical intervention. As a result, about itself lets know lymphovenous insufficiency.

Measures to prevent lymphatic edema of the hand
We note at once that there are a lot of such measures, sothat carefully read each of them. In the first place, it is worth paying the attention of such patients to the fact that they should pay special attention to any even minor swelling in the area of ​​the hand, chest, hand or fingers. In addition, it is very important not to use a sick upper limb to take blood or to inject. To measure blood pressure, you should use a healthy arm or leg. It is especially important to follow all hygiene rules. after bathing the hand must be wiped very carefully, but at the same time very carefully. Dry all folds. In no case can you make a sick hand with sudden movements, and also lift it with gravity. The bag should only be worn in a healthy hand. In addition, it is necessary to abandon all ornaments. For a while, it's better to forget about them and put them aside.

If you wash dishes or bathe, traceso that the water is constantly the same temperature. Do not take very hot baths, or go to a sauna or sauna. Keep an eye out for the sore hand from the sun. To prevent the development of the edema of the hand after a radical mastectomy, you should also protect your hand from cuts and burns. strokes, insect bites and so on. You must be alerted and any symptoms of infection in this area. Doing any work around the house, it is best to wear gloves. For a while, give up and cut off the cuticles with manicure. In case of pain in the arm area, leave all the cases, lie down and lift your arm up. It is desirable to engage in some favorite sport. It can be both light aerobics and yoga. swimming, walking, cycling.

In case you have an air flight, thenbe sure to purchase a compression sleeve of your size. During the flight try to consume a lot of liquid. Of no small importance is the proper selection of a bra. The most important thing is that it does not contain "delays" and that it does not restrict your movements. If you need to remove hair in the armpit area, use only an electric shaver. Observe all the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. You should adhere to a special diet. Eat only those foods. which includes an easily digestible protein. It can be chicken, fish and other food products. And yet, do not forget that the doctor should be visited at least once every four months.

Before use, consult a specialist.

Marina February 03, 2011 09:38

Hello! I would like to add a comment. To me of 30 years, has transferred a mastectomy and plastic by abdominal muscles, a tram a flap 3 years 9 months ago. In order to avoid edema of the hand, a month after the operation, I began to work hard to develop my arm, although I was faced with criticism of doctors. (a weak hand is more susceptible to swelling). Without outside assistance, the hand will remain less active. After 3 months of "classes" my hand "worked" almost as before the operation, thereby shocking doctors!
Conducted stretching exercises through tears,bitten lips from pain, but it was worth it. The hand dangled like a scarf, fingers and brush were like strangers, but I continued! In the yard, on the children's horizontal bar (I was around the waist), I laid down my hand and sat down a bit, brought me to the point where I was holding onto the crossbar on my knees in front of the bar! Constant massage from fingers to shoulder and chest. Classes in the pool, then swimming. But a very big threat to the "injured" hand - cold, warmth, bite of midges. tested by bitter experience. My actions on the development of the hand, please do not consider the urge to action. Take care of yourself, women! And do not be scared! Sincerely I wish health!

Victoria January 27, 2011 11:34

My aunt underwent a radical mastectomysix months ago. To date, her general health status is satisfactory, however, emotionally, there have been major changes. It is very hard for her to wear out all these prohibitions. Of course, she understands that she really needs to follow all of these requirements, but this greatly hinders her. She believes that now she no longer needs anyone, because it's not much use from her.

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