Rhinoplasty edema after gypsum

During the initial consultation of the patient, Inecessarily the subject of reciting recovery after plastics nose. It's an important point. The patient needs to understand this, albeit an aesthetic for a larger operation, but parts, that is, serious interference with the body. And the period of rehabilitation after rhinoplasty is therefore discussed step by step and in detail.

Rhinoplasty - one of the most complex face onoperations, it is carried out on the body, which after and must intervene retain all of its physiological functions. In this case, it is carried out under general anesthesia. And this is a fundamental choice. Anesthesia Modern does not cause subsequent harm to health, and the area to work the nose, if the patient has received local only anesthesia, is difficult for the simple reason that the patient experiences a constant shock: his face flickers tools, skin is prepared a nose, a knock of metal on bone. The ballet is not It, in the end, to look no different! And coming off will not work - everything happens literally before the eyes.

So, general anesthesia - drug for sleepingsupervision of an experienced anesthesiologist-under doctor, resuscitator with the control of modern equipment. And the preparation for rhinoplasty surgery therefore differs little from any preparation for another, conducted under the general two: for the anesthesia of the week before the plasty of the nose, it is necessary to stop the medications that affect blood coagulation, to make a day of a discharge day, on the day of surgery there is nothing and drink. In some cases I prescribe firming, blood vessel medicines.

Rhinoplasty is necessary if, postpone the patient's colds, women are recommended to perform rhinoplasty in the first half of the menstrual cycle after.

But this is preparation. But the observance of the rehabilitation of the rules after rhinoplasty requires special patience and approach.

During the consultation before the operation of rhinoplasty, we patient with a few important points:

First, he must be prepared for the fact that the dayssomewhat after the intervention, he will breathe with his mouth only (as it is difficult, know who, all at least once had a runny nose). It is not the nose that breathes, it will be laid with sterile tampons supporting the form, and air through the respiratory tract will not pass. In some complicated cases, the recovery of the respiratory tract can take three months, usually although it recovers in a week or two.

On the person will be a special bandage in the formShe is. Butterfly is light, but tough, and therefore it will also have to get used to it. It is imposed to maintain and shape to support the nose. And, of course, with active life will also have to wait. Gypsum after rhinoplasty after take two or three weeks.

After some operation time on the face will be preservedswelling, it will come off gradually in two or three weeks, but sometimes a small swelling can last up to three months. I also advise the patient to sleep on a high pillow at this time, so that the swelling after rhinoplasty is better. Massage after rhinoplasty is prescribed after only consultation with the operating doctor.

To avoid the danger of nasal bleeding,I also recommend in the time of the first not to eat too cold and too hot food, avoid physical exertion, do not wear glasses, until the nose has taken the final even, the shape of an easy rim can deform the tissue of the injured.

This I warn the patient before the operation, notpromising him an easy recovery period. This attitude is honest to the operation, to the patient, to the profession. Surgical may not interfere with being as light and beautiful, applying as a make-up. Especially if rhinoplasty is.

The instructions for rehabilitation after rhinoplasty are as follows:

  • The first 2-3 days not to tilt down the head, do not sleepon the stomach and side, better back to the whole, holding his head high. To ensure that the swelling and bruising of the plastics are gone after the nose, it is necessary to strictly follow the surgeon's recommendations.

  • The entrance to the nostrils should be gently cleaned with a wadding stick moistened with 3% hydrogen peroxide 3%.

  • In the days of the first take care of the nose from the water at Two.

  • washing the week should refrain from cosmetic Two.

  • means of the week to avoid any physical especially, loads associated with the slopes of the head.

  • During the abstention of the month from visiting the pools and baths.

Restoration of plastics after the nose is always individual, but there are or more general patterns:

  • Through a nasal cavity a week are formedcaked crust it is necessary. Do not get scared if, at this time, breathing through your nose gets worse again. And do not remove them yourself. They will fall away when the tissues are restored under them.

  • Two weeks after rhinoplasty after swellingbegin to decrease, completely after two or three months. Sometimes swelling is asymmetrical, do not get scared. With surgery, quality is not related, rather, with the individual characteristics of physiological lymphatic vessels.

  • After two to three weeks after rhinoplasty, bruises go away (yet), but bruises about two months can easily hold yellowness, which is easily masked by help with decorative cosmetics.

  • The final result will be rhinoplasty visible after 9-12 months. In this time it is necessary to come to the examination to the plastic surgeon.

  • And you can already compare your appearance to after and photo rhinoplasty. The photo immediately after the rhinoplasty will seem terrible to you, and the final result of the difficulties will reconcile the recovery period.

As you can see, not everything is as simple as sometimes written onclinics for sites of plastic surgery. I repeat that a complicated rhinoplasty operation, and not only for the surgeon, but also for the patient, who must be ready for the limitations of certain. However, if everything is done and patience is correct for restorative treatment after the result, rhinoplasty will rejoice.

In the clinic of plastic Beauty "surgery Doctor" toRhinoplasty refers to both surgical serious intervention, without any discounts on the "character aesthetic" operation. That is why consultations of primary, preoperative studies are so thorough, the operation itself is conducted by experienced specialists, who constantly work together as a team of the operating room, and the rehabilitation period after rhinoplasty is always under the control of the operating surgeon.