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Alain: the question. Hello! Tell me, please, how can get rid of bags under the eyes.
A: Hello, Alena! Try the following procedures: for prevention and treatment "bags" under the eyes it is recommended that you self-massage, make special Exercises and eyes, wipe eyelids in the morningpieces of ice from the herbs (dandelion, sorrel, St. John's wort), berries of mountain ash and elderberry. It is useful to make masks from a mixture of wheat flour 1h. l. grated fresh potatoes 1st. l. and milk 1 st. l.
Contrasting lotions infusion of sage 1h. l. for 100ml of boiling water are useful from "bags" and the swelling of the eyes. According to 1min. alternately applying that hot, then cold sage broth. Finish with a cold compress. It's better to do this before bed.
Pour 1-2 tbsp. spoons of mint leaves 2 glasses of hot water, boil on low heat for 5-10 minutes. When the temperature of the broth is reduced to room temperature, strain, soak the cotton swabs and apply to the eyes for 10 minutes.
Pour 1-2 hours. spoons of dry herbs and flowers of chamomile pharmacy 1 cup of boiling water, insist 10-15 minutes, then strain. Pieces of gauze or cotton wool soak in infusion and apply to the eyelids for 3-5 minutes. Apply with eye fatigue, as well as their inflammation and redness.
Sometimes cause puffiness may not be sufficiently effective kidney work.
Mask for those who have "bags" under their eyes. From severe overwork, lack of sleep and age-related changes, swelling of eyelids and "bags" under the eyes. This will help the mask of parsley, potatoes, compresses from warmed olive oil.
Recipe 1. Finely chopped parsley greens are put onclosed eyes. Top cover the mask with moist cotton or gauze tampons and leave for 15 minutes. Just make a mask of raw, finely grated potatoes.
Recipe 2. Useful for the eyelids mask from a mixture of raw grated potatoes mixed with 2 teaspoons of flour and 2 teaspoons of raw milk.
Recipe 3. A teaspoon of finely chopped green parsley is mixed with 2 teaspoons of sour cream. Improves blood circulation.

Question: Наталья Hello! To me in a drugstore as a gift have given a gel for area around eyes Maxi. The annotation says that it reduces the severity of facial wrinkles, protects from premature aging, removes puffiness and the manifestation of dark circles, relieves the manifestation of skin fatigue. To me 21 year. Sometimes, the eyes are visible signs of fatigue, because of lack of sleep. But still, can you use this gel at this age? Will it hurt? Or is it better to give it to Mom? Thank you.
Answer: Hello, Natalia! You definitely do not need to use the gel for the area around Maxi's eyes, since it contains the extract of myeraphic pueraria, hormones. You can apply the gel from40-45 years old .
Contained in the tubers of Pueraria Mirifica natural hormones (phytoestrogens) have a beneficial effect on the female body andused in the manufacture of cosmeceuticals, is famous for its rejuvenating properties. Pueraria Mirifica accumulates a large number of phytoestrogens, including miestrol and dioximiroestrol, and other isoflavones. Phytoestrogens are very similar in structure to estradiol.

Question: mia To me 21 year. but wrinkles around the eyes are already even surroundingnotice. The upper eyelids hang, in the morning the eyes are swollen. I work a lot at the computer - can this harm the skin. And is it true that almond oil and apricot kernel oil help restore the turgor?
A: Hello, Mia! Everything should be in moderation: work at the computer, sleep and rest, as well as eye care. You should already think about it. AT 21 year there should not be such problems with the skin around the eyes. Maybe you should seek advice from a cosmetologist, so that he advises how correctly take care of eyelid skin. Improper care can only hurt! Almond oil and apricot kernel oil will help restore the turgor, but if used regularly, with a gentle massage around the eyes and a mask - complex cosmetic care for the eye area.
Read on the site a lot recipes for masks for the skin around the eyes. as well as a lot of tips for caring for centuries.

Question: Lyudmila Hello. For sale there are different Vibromassers for eyes. What practice shows, can they be used at home. so as not to harm (do not they stretch the skin of the eyelids)? What models can you recommend? Thank you. Lyudmila, 55 years, swelling under the eyes.
Answer: Hello, Lyudmila! I do not think that vibratory massagers can be stretched skin around the eyes. They work according to the principle of acupressure and palpation. and this kind of massage does not pull the skin in any way, but only tones and stimulates. Feel free to use vibrating massagers with a light cream.
Vibration eye shaker PG 2404 carries thousands of people around the world clearer and healthy vision, and the beauty of the eyes. healthy and full of pleasures life!
Vibromasser for eyes PG 2404 has severalmodes of operation with subsequent replacement: full vibration, soft pressure, quick tingle, finger pressure, torsion, tapping, using 20 massage fingers, taking into account the characteristics of the traditional Chinese massage. Spot vibration provides stimulation to the eyes and increases blood circulation. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use 1-2 times a day for 5 minutes.
When your eyes are tired, put onVibromassage glasses, close your eyes and turn on the device. At this very moment, 22 small magnets will begin to affect the acupuncture points located around your eyes. Within a few minutes of such a shiatsu massage, you will feel the headache go away, your eyes relax, fatigue gives way to a sense of peace and deep relaxation. It is no accident that Japanese women, who are famous for their porcelain skin, every day make themselves a shiatsu massage! When you remove the massage glasses, your face will please you with its freshness, lack of dark circles and bags under the eyes. The use of vibro-massager for the eyes at night guarantees a full sleep and a qualitative restoration of the body's strength.
From edema make lotions with cornflower water, preferably cold or contrast. You can use other herbs suitable for you. The site has a lot of recipes on this issue!
A few tips from "bags" under the eyes. it is advisable not to use fatty creams under the eyes, they increase puffiness; At night, do not eat salty and spicy, and do not drink a lot of liquid - this leads to swelling.
Masks from raw grated potatoes help from bags: the gruel is laid out in a gauze on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a week.

Question: Svetlana Is it possible to do biorevitalization in the field ofthe lower eyelid? Three days ago I took the first procedure and the skin on the lower eyelid became more flabby. Is it possible that this is due to the use of gel from bruises? Is the skin under the eyes restored?
Answer: Hello, Svetlana! Biorevitalization in the lower eyelid can be done, of course, as on the whole face. Skin eyelids turned out to be the most effective area withpoint of view of toning. When working in this same delicate zone on the face, the beautician should pay maximum attention to the preliminary consultation and explanatory work. The patient should be prepared for a delayed result and for several procedures, on the one hand, and for the unaesthetic appearance of the eyelids right after the procedure, on the other. Course of biorevitalization of the skin in the eyelid in the age group 37-50 years old an average of 3-4 procedures with an interval of10-14 days. Already after the third procedure, with vigorous treatment of the zone in the papular technique, including work on the lower eyelids up to the ciliary margin, and on the upper ones - up to the border of the mobile age, a pronounced effect is usually obtained. But the results of the procedure in this area were unpredictable and contradictory in women who initially had a tendency to swelling of the eyelids. Thus, the final result of severalpatients who showed trust to the doctor proved to be extremely favorable, with an improvement in the quality of the skin and a reduction in stagnant phenomena in the eyelid. Nevertheless, for most of the group, the therapeutic course was adjusted with preparations and cocktails with predominantly lymphatic drainage properties. Based on these observations, it can be concluded that it is impractical to assign IAL-System for areas prone to swelling.

Question: Tanya Hello! To me 14 years, like this age should not be bags under the eyes. In the morning I have big bags. I have already tried something that will get rid of edema: ice, chopped potatoes, used tea bags, etc. Recently bought Garnier with roller ball. nothing changed. Please advise how get rid of bags. !
Answer: Hello, Tanya! You have already tried everything you can from cosmetic products and nothing helps. In my opinion the reason for your bags has an internal character. IN 14 years old there should not be such problems with the skin of the eyelids. You need to consult your mom and go to the therapist, and he will send you to another specialist, of course, if there are any problems.

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