Rare urination and swelling

Micturition is very difficultcoordinated act. Urine is formed in the kidneys, from the kidneys through two thin tubes - the ureters - it enters the bladder. The case of the bladder is to accumulate urine in the kidneys.

In the bladder, the urine remains sterile, and the bodyis arranged in such a way that the casting of urine back into the ureters is impossible. In addition, when the bladder is stretched, that is, when the intravesical pressure is increased due to the accumulation of urine, there is a urge to urinate.

Then, when you start urinating, turn ona coordinated chain of processes: the bladder contracts, directing the urine downwards, at which time the sphincter of the bladder opens - a special muscle that controls the exit from the bladder to the urethra.

But sometimes ... At times he may not at allopen, and sometimes opens, but not enough to urinate was full. At the same time, the urine current slows down, the stream becomes sluggish, thin, and at times intermittent.

"Sometimes we can not determine the cause," Dr. McKia honestly admits. "It's just clear to us that the bladder for some reason refuses to function normally."

In men, however, changes in intensityurination may be due to an increase in the prostate gland, its cancer, narrowing of the urethra (a tube that passes from the bladder through the penis and opens on its head) or atony, that is, relaxation of the bladder. In women, the cause is usually a decrease in bladder tone or uterine prolapse, although occasionally there may be severe constipation, slight protrusions and swelling in the urethra, or narrowing of the urethra.

There is one disorder, calleda syndrome of rare urination, drew the attention of Dr. McKia. This is a woman's disease that begins in early adolescence. There are girls who for some reason, only for their reasons, rarely go to the toilet to urinate. And everyone thinks: "What a good girl, how rarely she goes to the toilet." Then a rare visit becomes a habit, the bladder stretches, and with it happens the same as with a constantly stretched muscle - it loses its tone and becomes weak (in medicine it is called the atony of the bladder), a weak bubble is unable to push out the accumulated in the necessary force he piss.

Little boys (as, indeed, adultsmen who grow from them) also suffer from a single psychological problem, which is called a shy bladder syndrome - it is impossible to urinate in the presence of other men. The disorder is aggravated if necessary by urinating in the urinal of the public toilet.