No urine and swelling

The most common causes of urinary retentionare the consequences of kidney disease, an outflow of urine from the kidney due to a blockage of stones or because of a tumor. In other cases, the absence of urination may appear due to dehydration of the body.

Symptoms of urinary retention:
1. Dryness of the tongue;
2. Headache;
3. Nausea;
4. General deterioration of the condition;
5. Possible edema, cramps, diarrhea.

If the patient can not independently produceurination, the bladder can stretch, which is the main cause of the appearance of abdominal pain. This can cause a violation of the lungs, heart, and intestines. To relieve spasm, you must give the patient a cool water. In the perineal region, you can put a warm water bottle. You can also put a small cleansing enema, while using candles with belladonna. If all the procedures did not lead to the desired result, the patient should be taken to the hospital at once.

In older people, the lack ofurination can be triggered by the weakness of the muscles of the bladder itself. In such a situation it is necessary: ​​to wet the sheet with hot water, then squeeze it, fold it in several layers, and put it under the patient's back. Leave for 45 minutes, after cleaning and place a similar compress on the abdomen, only the procedure is already done for about an hour.

Healthy young people also, it happens, suffer fromretention of urine. This phenomenon arises because of the long-term restraint of the need to go to the toilet. In this situation, a warm bath with chamomile helps. It is useful to drink abundantly, especially tea from lime-colored, chamomile, mint.
Good help is a decoction of elderberry bark. This remedy is considered a strong diuretic, which does not affect the pressure and the work of the heart.

To make the preparation, crush the elderberry bark, add one glass of boiling water, then place it on a water bath, simmer for two hours.
Another good tool is a decoction ofleaves cloudberries. For its preparation use one art. spoon of raw materials, pour one cup of boiling water. Leave to infuse for half an hour. The berries of this plant also have a diuretic effect.

Infusion of rose hips. For its preparation, take a bottle filled with hips, and then add alcohol or vodka. Leave for six days to insist.