Why there can be swelling

What can cause swelling around the eyes? I'm afraid they are connected by some serious disease.

Edema of the eyelids can be caused both by a wrong way of life, which can be easily corrected, and serious diseases.

• Excessive consumption of salt, alcohol or lack of protein develops a general swelling, especially noticeable around the eyes.

• Chronic lack of sleep, uncomfortable positioning of the sleep time and sleep on the abdomen may occur.

• Edema can result from an allergic reaction to eye drops, cosmetics.

• At the beginning of treatment of diabetes mellitus, as well as with the use of aspirin and some other medications, too often there is edema on the face.

• There may be problems with tear ducts or inflammation of the eyelid mucosa (consult an ophthalmologist).

• Cardiovascular disorders or anemia are also not excluded (visit a cardiologist and make a cardiogram, donate blood for analysis).

• If swelling worsens by morning, kidney disease is not excluded (consult a nephrologist and have an ultrasound).

To calm down for a while the inflamed, swollen eyelids can, having enclosed to them slices of a cucumber from a refrigerator, cooled down tea bags or the towel moistened in cold water.

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