Swelling of the ankles causes treatment

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I have not tucked it anywhere, broken it, no bruises.
One day I woke up and saw that it was very swollen (on the right foot, on the right, slightly above the heel, sticking out the bone, it's just that I do not really understand medicine and do not know the exact name)
I went to the polyclinic, they said that there were some fluids, maybe I would have to puncture. (I do not know what that means),

Now I'm very worried, is this a sign of diabetes?
For I drink a lot of cola (liter - two liters a day, approximately)
Tell me please, what should I do, is it really diabetes? Or what kind of illness can it be?

P.S Around the sore skin is dry, on the sore itself - slightly flaky, the sore is warm, (on the other leg too, but on it there is no such swelling)

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I'm most worried about possible diabetes mellitus, please tell me, what is the probability of getting sick with it?

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Puffiness of the ankles usually meansa violation of the balance between the tissue fluid and blood. This happens usually with a strong increase in pressure in the capillaries, which leads to serum infiltration. The maximum risk of edema appears if you consume a lot of salt, sit or stand for a long time, and also with hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation.
Sometimes the causes of the disorder are: artery, kidney or heart disease, varicose veins, preeclampsia, or hypertension. Among other common causes of permanent swelling in the ankle area, it should be noted the diseases of the lymphatic system and kidneys, diabetes, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Edema can also be associated with circulatory disorders and vascular diseases. With venous insufficiency - the weakness of the valve apparatus - due to the accumulation of blood in the vessels and the violation of the outflow of fluid develop swelling of the ankle.

Daily for half an hour, do physical exercises. This stimulates blood circulation and prevents fluid from stagnating in the legs.
To strengthen capillaries, eat foods rich in vitamin C and flavones.
Reduce salt intake.
If you are standing or sitting for a long time, strain the calf muscles more often. This will prevent venous congestion and swelling.

Ankle swelling is given by examining the causes

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You want to blow a cola, blow into the clinic for a general diagnosis, then there's no.

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Your problem is familiar to me, passed by myself. Half a glass of water 1 tea. spoon of soda, make a lotion for 15 minutes. If it does not help, the matter is more serious. Leave the phone call!

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Cola is a drug. Knock it. Try to leech from a specialist

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You take raw potatoes, trash on a small grater, you spread this porridge on a rag and drag it to your leg. Try, it helps. And it's best to drink just water if you want to drink.

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Hand over the tests for sugar, the problem will be solved and the head will not hurt. But life is not a joke either. To treat it is necessary.

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It is necessary to pass or take place inspection at the cardiologist!