What is the reason for swelling

The dream interpreter believes that the swelling in the dream symbolizeslong unresolved problems that somehow remind us of their existence. More optimistic interpreters believe that everything that a neoplasm dreams about is associated with acquisitions.

If a swelling of the head was dreamed, the symbol is often inspired by painful thoughts that haunt the waking.

Sometimes to see in a dream different neoplasmsIt happens to those who can not let go of their old grievances and failures. The subconscious mind tries to show how meaningless experiences about yesterday are capable of disfiguring today's day.

In the dream book of Yuri Longo, there is an explanation of what a tumor on his leg dreams of. The dreamed symbol gives out an acute desire to return to the days that have gone by for a long time.

According to the interpretation of the Gypsy, a seal on the leg or on the arm means a chance to return the previously lost one.

An ancient predictor argues that any tumor on the body is a harbinger of unexpected enrichment. Later interpretations make amendments to this version.

A tumor on the neck or on the chin portends an equally valuable acquisition, than material benefits. At the disposal of the sleeper will be a unique experience or useful information.

The Chinese Imperial Dream Book in its own way understands what a big bumpkin is dreaming about in the head region. The dreamer expects wealth and honor.

The interpretation of Lofa considers a kind sign a seal on his hand: the dreamer's palms will not have to be empty.

If the neoplasm in the dream appeared suddenly andfrom nowhere, you are dealing not just with nightmares, but with guidance for action. Pay attention to the cherished goal, which still can not be thrown out of your head.

If a brain tumor was dreamed, the dream book believes that the dreamer has something to brainwash. Having spread everything on the shelves, finally it will be possible to solve the problem, which has long been unsettling.

The dream son of the dream is identified with the relationship,which somehow reached a dead end. It is possible that a person who is meaningful to you simply does not dare to take the first step towards it. It's time to take the initiative.

Sick diseases are not dangerous

Sometimes the image in a dream takes a distinct andfrightening outlines. For example, what is the reason for the swelling of the brain? In addition to the simple advice not to read the medical guide for the night, the dream book encourages that this symbol serves as a harbinger of changes for the better.

When a swelling in the mouth comes from a tooth or tongue, in reality someone dissolves evil gossip about you.

Miller's advice does not despair ifshe had a dream of a cancer in her husband. The illness of a loved one should be understood to the exact opposite. Years of prosperity - that's what this symbol means.

If you dreamed how a hematoma causes painful sensations in a person, then, in reality, he has to take on other people's worries.

If you managed to remove the source of pain in a dream, in reality you will no less successfully get rid of unnecessary troubles.

The Strannik's knocker offers a veryan interesting explanation of what the tumor on the body is dreaming of. When it happens to see a swollen back or neck, the interpretation refers to the past. If, in a dream, the face or stomach has undergone changes, be prepared for real change.

If a woman had a seam in her chest, Medea's dreamer predicts that the old affairs of the heart will remind you again.

If the growth is a dream, try to remember if there are any forgotten debts or incomplete deeds. Clairvoyant Vanga warns that they can remind themselves of the wrong moment.

It is curious to know what the tumor on the face is about. The dreamer should take care of his skeletons in the closet, so that they suddenly do not become public property.