Amlodipine swelling than replacing

Problems with the heart and blood vessels overtake manypeople after the forty-year boundary, causing the need to use the drug "Amlodipine" to eliminate pain and spasms. But the pharmacological market offers other drugs that are not inferior to it in terms of indicators. Of great interest is the natural question, what is better to buy and in what case?

Stress, wrong lifestyle, problems withnutrition and the general state of the environment lead to the fact that rather young people are on treatment in the cardiological departments of the clinics. Active lifestyle does not always save from this, and sometimes even exacerbates health problems, if he is not paid enough attention. Angina and myocardial infarction cause in patients a rise in blood pressure, pain in the heart, as well as a violation of the heart rhythm. To combat these symptoms and directed the effect of the drug "Amlodipine", analogues of which will be discussed below. Depending on the place of residence and financial situation, you can stop the choice on any of them (of course, after consulting with your doctor).

Amlodipine: Analogs needed

Each drug needs similaron the action of "twins", the composition of which is slightly different. So, if from the bought tablets suddenly begins dizziness, pain or palpitation, this means that it is necessary to change either the manufacturer or the drug itself, as some of its components or their combination causes an incorrect reaction in the body. The spectrum of side effects of this drug is quite wide, ranging from migraine and ending with severe swelling of the extremities. In addition, we must not forget about the possibility of allergic reactions. Another reason for the appearance of identical drugs sold with different names is the commercial interest of manufacturers, each of which wants not only to make goods, but also sell it with the greatest benefit for themselves. If the pharmacy counters were flooded with no different boxes, and in different commercials they talked about the same medicines, how would the buyers make a choice?

One composition, but different names

Almost all known drugs are onpharmacological market under several names, including "Amlodipine". Synonyms are the names of the medications Normodipin, Emlodin, Amlong, Stamlo, Calchek, Tenox, Norvasc, Cardilopin, Cordy Cor, Amlotop, "Amlodifarm", "Akridipin", "Amlodigamma". Each of these means has identical medical indications, the way of application, the time of excretion and contraindications. However, the drugs "Norvask", "Stamlo" and "Tenox" are in a different price category and are much more expensive than other analogues, and the drug "Acridipine" is characterized by the increased time required for the onset of action, these factors often prove crucial when planning a purchase.

If problems do not arise from auxiliarysubstances, and because of the active, or if it is not enough to have a positive effect, it becomes necessary to think about how to replace "Amlodipine" without damage to health. One of the augmented and improved analogues is the tablets "Equator", produced by the Hungarian company Richter Gedeon Ltd. In their composition, lisinopril is additionally introduced, which increases the likelihood of effective treatment and blocking of pain in the heart muscle. The preparation "Equator" is used only in the event that it was not possible to achieve positive dynamics earlier. Other medicines containing lisinopril are represented by "Liprazide", "Diroton", "Lipril". Indications for their use and prices coincide with those that belong to the group of analogues-synonyms.

Means of struggle against arterial hypertension

Some medicines have a narrowerdirection, than the agent "Amlodipine". Analogues of this category help to cope exclusively with arterial hypertension. Constant increase of pressure is fraught with big health problems and even poses a threat to life, so drugs of this group should not be written off. Tablets "Kaptopress Darnitsa", "Akripamid", "Kapozid" and "Enalapril-Akri" are among the diuretics (the latter is also for ACE inhibitors). Their action is aimed at reducing blood pressure and sensitivity of the walls of blood vessels.

Dangers and pitfalls

With the correct dosage and conditionsreception is safe the drug "Amlodipine", analogues sometimes cause a negative reaction even if all the rules are observed. The drug "Akkudid 10" contains quinapril as an active substance. It passed clinical trials, but it can cause angioedema, in the worst cases leading to the death of the patient. The risk of such a development of events is increased in representatives of the Negroid race, as well as in mulattoes and quaternaries. The drug "Triampur Compositum" affects the overall metabolism and composition of blood plasma, can disrupt electrolyte balance. The agent "Ramygexal Compositum" can have a negative impact on all vital systems of the human body and is therefore contraindicated in the presence of problems with the respiratory tract, liver and eyesight, which it can aggravate in the process of application. It should always be remembered that changing or selecting a new medication is a crucial step that can not be done without consulting a specialist.