Swelling during sleep

Edema appears in almost every secondpeople, sometimes even children, but mostly women suffer from them. Widespread swelling of the legs, hands, areas under the eyes. The accumulation of fluid in the hands can be conditioned by various factors: a metabolic disorder, excessive alcohol consumption, fatigue, lack of sleep, illness, and various injuries. For example, with:

  • decreased level of protein in the blood;
  • stagnation of blood in the veins, which contributes to the ejection of fluid from the vessels;
  • injuries, bruises, lymphatic edema;
  • Disturbance of cardiac activity, also promotes the expulsion of excess plasma from the vessels.

Swelling of the feet, hands, or other parts cantestify to the presence of any disease. We are not talking, for example, about pulmonary edema. this is a completely different matter. It is necessary to find out the original reason. If you notice that your hands began to swell, then this may be a sign:

  1. Pregnancy is the period in women when the upper or lower extremities are often affected;
  2. An unhealthy heart is an invariable sign of a violation of cardiac activity;
  3. Violations of renal and hepatic activity;
  4. An uncomfortable position during sleep at night.

Here are the main reasons why we notice in the morningswelling of the hands. However, if you do not find any such disease in the diagnosis, then perhaps you just need to review your diet and diet, less to drink fluids. Excess fluid from the body can be withdrawn, with the help of diuretic herbs or preparations such as, Furosimide, their actions will be noticeable, but the effects on the body can be different. Patients who develop renal failure are undesirable take strong drugs .

How to recognize the swelling of the hand

During pregnancy, swelling in thehands or feet. This is due to the fact that the uterus grows or the pregnant woman consumes a lot of fluids. Growing uterus compresses vessels and slows the blood flow, renal appears, and this leads to such effects. The presence of edema in pregnancy is not in any way impact on the future health of your baby, but she will suffer because of the discomfort and slight pain.

The appearance of edema with cardiac, renal andhepatic insufficiency occurs due to circulatory disorders that become slower and excess fluid in the blood and vessels does not circulate in the usual way, but is pushed out.

An uncomfortable posture at night during sleep, in the morning can cause similar symptoms. This is due to the constriction of the vessels, the hands grow dumb and swell as a consequence.

If you notice a periodic occurrence of a changethe form of the hands, then it is possible to connect a serious deviation of one of the organs with it and it is necessary to show the doctor, to pass the tests, to reveal the reasons why the hands swell, to know what to do if the limb is swollen, but the body is in complete harmony and does not bother.

The cause of edema and its elimination

If the hand is swollen and this history repeats itselfwould be three, four, then most likely it's not because you drink a lot of liquids at night or eat just before bed. The causes can be very different and unpredictable, so it's best to notice the periodicity of the onset of edema, contact a specialist. The doctor will be able to find out what to do with the help of tests and whether a person has a serious illness.

For example, as it turned out, swelling in pregnancythis is quite normal and nothing serious is not in itself for the baby, but for the future mother this is a huge discomfort and you need to try to get rid of it. Since it is not desirable to get involved in pharmacology during this period, the gynecologist appoints pregnant women to use diuretic herbal preparations. It is good to disperse and expel the liquid from the body with the help of a decoction of umbrella dill, special kidney herbal teas. Periodicity of the use of diuretic broths is also prescribed by a doctor and is selected for individual characteristics of the human body. They should be done in 30-40 minutes before drinking, but not in advance, otherwise broths lose their beneficial properties.

The reason for the appearance of edema only when uncomfortableposition during sleep, can not be diagnosed, but simply try to control the positions taken for comfortable sleep. Although in a dream we can not do everything as we wish, but we can feel a burning and rippling in our hands. These symptoms indicate the possibility of swelling of the hands, if you wake up from them, change the position of the hands.

More complex diagnoses, why appearswollen limbs, you can expect if they involve cardiac, renal, hepatic insufficiency. In these situations, it is easy to manage diuretics and procedures will not do. Then you will have to undergo a complete examination, do ultrasound, ECHO, etc. which will indicate the degree of disease of the organs that cause the edema of the limb. Most often medication is prescribed. It may be necessary to adhere to a sparing diet with a limited amount of salt and pepper, as well as minimal consumption of liquids. Diuretics are strictly prescribed by the attending physician .

Correct diagnosis and treatment will helpget rid of swelling in your hands, but it is important that the treatment is consistent, not interrupted and regularly checked by a specialist and all procedures assigned to them should be done.