What leads to swelling

In the struggle for a beautiful figure, modern womenoften do not feel the measures. They use all the known methods to destroy at least a few pounds, and "cram" themselves into the smallest size of the dress.

In the struggle for a beautiful figure, modern womenoften do not feel the measures. They use all the known methods to destroy at least a few pounds, and "cram" themselves into the smallest size of the dress. In pursuit of the illusion of the ideal figure, women often sacrifice their health. They harm themselves practically for the whole future life, and at the same time they do not immediately realize the seriousness of the problem.

Many difficulties arise because of the sharprefusal of a normal feed. There are a lot of options for such actions - these are poorly researched diets that severely restrict nutrition, and "fasting days", which for some reason drag on for a long time, and their own approaches to losing weight, based on a refusal to eat. Often, for a better effect, women take additional diuretics or laxatives, or induce vomiting reflex after dinner, during which they ate a little extra. Also such people have a special emphasis on fitness training. They work with excessive zeal in the gym for several hours, visit fitness clubs on a daily basis, and try to train as intensively as possible. And after a few weeks of such a frantic pace, they simply fall off their feet.

Such an overly active approach to the processlosing weight can cause a number of physiological and psychological problems. If you starve for a long period of time, sooner or later there will be a breakdown. In this case, a person begins to use everything, which he so long ago refused. And this in turn leads to colic and other unpleasant sensations. Adds to this state and self-flagellation due to the fact that it was not possible, as before, to pull itself together.

If we consider nonsense starvation withphysiological point of view, it is often the cause of gastritis, enterocolitis, other diseases. The person's state of health also deteriorates noticeably, as the body receives less of minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are vital for any of us. Maybe, in connection with the insufficient amount of minerals, there is a complication in the work of the cardiac muscle, sometimes it can be noted and hungry swelling in humans.

Such problems often lie in wait for all those who lose weight,who deliberately choose diets and try to get rid of excess weight as soon as possible. And, not all have this extra weight. Too active people who are completely normal body proportions, normal weight, and a good figure are sometimes hungry. But they, for some reason, are not enough of this and theytry to lose weight even more. The reason, first, in the changes of the canons of beauty. Let's look through modern magazines, visit a movie theater or just watch TV at home. From the pages of magazines, from the TV screen, we are looking at the slender, long-legged beauties, who easily climb, perhaps, into the children's clothing size. Add "oil to the fire" and fashion shows. Here you can not see a drop of excess fat on the models, they are so slender that you can sometimes see their bones through the almost transparent skin. That's for these girls and are oriented around the world, everyone wants to be like those who walk on the catwalk, is shot in the movies or for covers of fashion magazines.

For comparison, let's try to look into the past. Who looks at us from the paintings of great artists? Agree, it is unlikely that in the Middle Ages, artistsdepicted very thin ladies, long-legged girls with an aspen waist. At that time the canons of beauty were completely different, women did not torment themselves with debilitating diets and did not even think about the fact that they need to exercise every day for several hours. They were well fed, had enough physical exertion, had time to rest and thanks to this, they always looked great. How can the canons of beauty have changed over time! And it did not lead to anything good, because the desire to look "like a model" leads to very unpleasant consequences.

Of course, that when we start looking fora very effective diet, trying to find intensive fitness classes, working on how to lose weight as soon as possible, we do not want to become drained and angry, do not want to feel bad and do not feel a surge of energy. Everything we do, we do for imaginary beauty. But both beauty and health suffer simultaneously. Therefore, before you start to lose weight and choose for yourself a rich program of training in a fitness club, you should first think carefully, look at how others are doing, consult a specialist in dietetics and your doctor. Then you can to think over the optimal variant of fasting, a good program of physical training, a special schedule that will be suitable for a specific person and make his slimming plan as effective as possible.

Of course, such a plan will not be implementedvery quickly, but you can talk about a person's health, about his well-being, about his desire to work actively, to spend time with his family. This approach allows you not to focus on fitness and fasting, help to avoid numerous problems and, most importantly, this method will help you lose weight for a long time and look great.