Edema from cystona

Cystitis refers to those diseases thatfor a long time deprive the person of the opportunity to work normally, effectively, lead an active lifestyle, a normal sexual life. Almost every third person of middle age came across this disease, mostly women suffer from this ailment.

The peculiarity of the disease is that having appearedOnce, often acute cystitis passes into a chronic form, with recurrent relapses. The causative agents of cystitis are conditionally pathogenic bacteria that multiply when there are provoking factors - stress, hypothermia, weakening of immunity after prolonged illnesses.

Many patients see the name of the drug Cystonsimilarity with the disease of cystitis. Therefore, when there are characteristic symptoms, they are often considered a remedy for cystitis. However, in cases where cystitis occurs acutely, it is not sufficient to use it in treatment alone. Any, even plant remedy, must be prescribed by the attending physician on the basis of a diagnosis, a clinical picture, a certain course with a control of the results in the dynamics.

The composition of the drug Tsiston includes more than a dozen plant extracts that have antimicrobial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties. These are extracts:

  • seeds of horse beans
  • saxifrage
  • flowers of double-stemmed stalk
  • madder heart
  • teakwood seeds
  • rhizome filigree
  • of a scented parony
  • squamous
  • faithful to ashen
  • gristle straw
  • basil
  • seeds of horse beans
  • fruits crooked creeping
  • mimosa seeds bashful
  • horsetail field

These herbal extracts increaseblood supply to the urinary tract, kidneys, which causes a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Reduce the content of calcium, oxalic acid, hydroxyproline in the urine, it is very important for the prevention of stone formation. Moreover, Cyston is a medicine that can cause microfraction of urinary stones (stones) and leads to their softening.

  • Plant components that make updrug, contribute to an increase of up to 30 percent of diuresis daily in patients, thereby accelerating the process of excretion from the body of accumulated mucus, pus, infectious agents.
  • Cyston used in maintenance therapycystitis, that is, not simultaneously with antibiotics (since with simultaneous reception diuresis increases, the concentration of antibiotic in the urinary tract decreases). It is advisable to prescribe it at the second stage of treatment after nitrofurans and antibiotics.
  • Unlike antibiotics, it does not have a negative effect on the microflora of the intestine and urinary system.
  • It renders potassium a saving effect, allowing to avoid the consequences of electrolyte disturbances in the body.
  • It has no side effects, except for allergic reactions, it can be used for a long time, as a monotherapy.
  • Cyston, the price of which is available (about 230-280 rubles.), Is available in tablet form, which creates the convenience of accurate dosing and ease of use.

With acute cystitis, use only thisthe drug is not recommended. The well-known fact that treatment with any medicinal herbs means their long-term use and not a momentary effect. Therefore, the action of the drug Cyston in cystitis is gradual, and in the acute course of the disease with severe pain, the use of cystone alone is not enough. Increase the frequency of reception, the number of tablets per reception for greater effectiveness - in this case it is not necessary, it will only provoke allergic reactions.

How to take Cyston with cystitis

In complex therapy in the treatment of cystitis, Cyston tablets take after eating 2 pcs. Each. 2 times a day until the inflammatory process stops, usually it is 6-10 weeks.

Svetlana, for what purpose did your dad start takingCyston? Blood and pain when urinating can be a sign of the release of sand from the kidneys on the background of receiving Cyston. In addition, it can be a serious inflammation of the bladder, urethra, kidneys, you need to urgently go to the doctor, take tests that will establish the pathogen and the cause of inflammation. Cyston is a herbal preparation that is used only in complex treatment, it is not an antibiotic, and it does not help with inflammation.

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