Edema after hormones

VASHE ZDOROVIE / 06/21/2015

As is known, there are numerous data onthe ability of ACTH and glucocorticoid hormones to delay the inflammatory reaction in case of burn disease. and also on the properties of the growth hormone of the pituitary gland and the mineral of lercorticoids, to enhance inflammatory processes. Materials about the effect of hormones on the magnitude of burn edema are contradictory. Wight et al. could not note the changes in lymph drainage from the burned limb in dogs with the administration of cortisone and corticotropin.

Has not found the influence of cortisone on exudation inburn wound in Sewitt animals. In contrast to these observations, VB Lemus showed that the administration of ACTH to rabbits reduces the amount of burn edema, and the injections of deoxycorticosterone increase the swelling of the burned auricle of a rabbit. In the studies of AA Sveshnikov from various doses of hydrocortisone administered to white rats, only a dose of 5.0 mg / kg led to inhibition of burn edema of the ear. When the paw was burned, doses of 0.5 to 5.0 mg / kg caused increased exudation. Removal of the adrenal glands in rabbits in the experiments of the same author led to a decrease in the inflammatory edema after the burn.

As noted PD Gorizontov and TN. Protasova, the mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of hormones is complicated. It depends on the stabilizing effect of hormones on the membranes of subcellular and cellular structures, on the reduction of permeability and increase in the resistance of capillaries, and on the effect on the cellular and chemical composition of connective tissue. In this case, the direction of the processes caused by hormones can change drastically under different conditions of their action.

It should be borne in mind that the magnitude of the burnedema depends not only on the permeability of capillaries, but also on mechanical, osmotic and oncotic pressure in and outside the capillaries, on the volume of the extracellular fluid, the state of the lymphatic system affecting the outflow of edematous fluid. The magnitude of burn edema under the influence of hormones can vary, obviously, in different ways, depending on the severity of each of these factors and the degree of influence on them of hormones.

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