Swelling around the ankles

Our legs, like workhorses, receive a verya big load in everyday life. Their health depends on comfort and beauty, because if the leg is swollen in the ankle, then about dresses and shoes on the heel at all you can forget. What is the cause of this unaesthetic manifestation? Is it dangerous or can be neglected?

From what the leg in an ankle has swelled up: the reasons

The tumor in the ankle region was annoying at one timeif not all, then very many people. Especially from this problem women suffer, because they wear uncomfortable shoes, which provokes various joint diseases. But you can not say that the reason lies only in this. Often, swelling of the ankle arises due to diseases of organs that seem to be completely unrelated to the legs. This is mainly the case with cardiac, renal or hepatic insufficiency, as well as with lung diseases.

Quite predictable may be swelling withinjuries, insect bites, burns, as well as with transferred infections, varicose veins and thrombosis. The main cause of swelling of the foot in the ankle can be a prolonged wearing of shoes on the heel. It is the fatigue of the feet, combined with excessive salt intake, which is a common source of discomfort. Little is known, but fasting can also cause swelling and is due to the fact that weakened vessels let fluid into the tissues that swell up from its overabundance.

If you often suffer from swelling, it is not worth itto hope for the disappearance of the disease - go through a complete examination that will help to identify the cause and conduct adequate treatment. You may need to take clinical tests of blood and urine, do a cardiogram, echocardiography, ultrasound or x-ray.

Try to control the flow of salt inorganism. It is this product that contributes to fluid retention in the tissues, resulting in edema. If the onset of a tumor depends on wearing shoes on the heel - remove it and wear something more comfortable. Give your feet more rest, for example, use a contrast shower to relieve tension or lift your legs up in a lying position. These procedures will help to accelerate the outflow of blood in the legs and thereby facilitate your well-being.

If you have swollen leg in the ankle - notdo self-medication, do not use diuretics, as an ignorant person can advise you. Only an accurate diagnosis will avoid the deplorable consequences of incorrect treatment.