Obvious swelling is

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Orakul (56884), closed 5 years ago

Term 25 weeks, strongly at the end of the day swellinglegs, very much, I do not drink a lot of liquid, I drank kidney tea, did not help. I hardly eat salty, I hardly eat it. There is a set of weight large and here's swelling, and even hemoglobin below a hundred dropped (98). In general, my question is, the doctor recommends a hospital, while I refused to write.
Did anyone lie with this in the hospital, and were there any improvements, how long did the swelling disappear and if at all?
(yes, and more, there was a protein in the urine, but I did not do a second analysis)

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about protein I know everything, the first pregnancy suffered most of all, pyelonephritis was, but there was no edema such, just before childbirth.
my question is: who was lying, and did the treatment help? about gestosis also read, it's dangerous of course, but it's because you first need to identify it. (although the signs are similar to that.)
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Ekaterina Sharapova Profi (814) 5 years ago

Fluids need at least 8 glasses a day. If you drink too little, your body will start storing water. A week to 30 edema will be less. Herbal teas do not give anything other than allergies. If there is no protein in the urine and pressures above 140/90-live quietly. The hospital can drive water, but sometimes it provokes premature birth.

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Orakul (56884) 5 years ago

here and I think, can still be too early to sound the alarm. in general, I still really did not try to fight with swelling and excess weight.

lying with gestosis, about the same at this time. helped me.

Theresa Enlightened (32800) 5 years ago

Of course go to the hospital. a protein in the urine indicates a danger to your kidneys and to the baby. lie down for a week, remove swelling and everything will be fine.

A source: 10 years as a midwife working

فائزة Orakul (80418) 5 years ago

Generally it is very bad that you drink a littleliquid. edemas from this just happen, sodium accumulates in the body and can not be taken out by the small amount of liquid that you drink. therefore - two liters of clean water daily. just fill the bottle, and by the end of the day to drink. this is in addition to tea-soup and other. that you try not to eat salt - it's perfectly right. in the hospital with that in the urine protein, it is better still to lie down.

THE MOST SACHAR BUNCHES Expert (430) 5 years ago

I would not listen to anyone, only my doctor)

Bee Enlightened (49833) 5 years ago

It is better to lie down in a hospital for the whole.

Lenochka Grebenyuk Master (1461) 5 years ago

Better in the hospital, swelling is serious.

Denis Shvedov Expert (303) 5 years ago

Probably gestosis. It is better to go to the hospital, or else premature birth may begin.

Irina N. Master (1975) 5 years ago

I was in the hospital for a week, at the time of 28weeks. Also GESTOS put. Dripped Magnesia (dropper) 1 time a day and gave tablets - Currantil and Eufillin. Edema passed on the second or third day. BUT THE MOST INTERESTING, on the second day after the discharge, edema returned. So I did not go to bed again. Now at home I drink cranberry mors without sugar, leaves bilberry brew, fruit of a dogrose. It does not help much. with varied success.
In addition to edema - there was pressure increased, slightly. But the protein, thank God, was not.

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Orakul (56884) 5 years ago

Here and at me hardly pressure has raised or increased, 120/70. to ehtogo was 100/70, but 20 is my norm. So I think that the hospital will get swelling, but not fact. that then they again will not be, they simply will be removed by droppers.
in general, I do not know what to do.

Daria Titova The Thinker (8669) 5 years ago

I constantly lay - really did not help. Slightly a bit of swelling subsided, but not to the end, and home came back and everything in a new way. But it's probably better to lie down. Vsetka risk is great.

Irina K. Guru (2878) 5 years ago

You better go to the hospital, I have a friend here so the water was pumped out before delivery plus after losing weight can not. You do not need all these problems. better under supervision.

Jessica Korland Master (1748) 5 years ago

with such diagnoses do not joke at you gestosisuniquely. only hospitalization. you will receive the necessary treatment in particular will give a measuring cup will be within a day to control the amount of consumed and secreted fluid. Droppers with magnesia are likely to be put. and even in no case do not drink any kidney tea they will not help with swelling. so that it was clearly understandable what I will tell you about. first appear the so-called hidden edema. Internal organs swell, including the placenta. swelling of the placenta secretes special substances that form micro dashes in your blood vessels. from these microweeds water from the vessels enters the tissues. then there are obvious swelling is what you have now. further the picture develops as follows. you lose more and more fluid it all in the tissues. the blood condenses. the body beats the alarm and in response to at least somehow chase this dense blood over your blood vessels raises blood pressure. the liquid still continues to flow into the tissues. you are losing protein. blood thickens clots are formed and as a result, as a result, severe convulsions may occur. renal teas for all stages of edema are contraindicated. you understand the fluids in the vessels so there is no and you still bring it out. in the results of the fabric are filled with water, and the vessels lose even more liquid. here in any case you can not hesitate. I do not want to frighten you, but gestosis is such an insidious phenomenon. like you feel good, everything is fine. and then like a bolt from the blue

A source: lay on the preservation of

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Orakul (56884) 5 years ago

Here it is not necessary for me to put diagnoses. gestosis is unique. To make this diagnosis, it is necessary not to undergo one examination, and with it, swelling is mostly hidden.

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Oracle (56884) if I had a proteinconstantly, it can be the way you write, here in the first pregnancy, he had me, put pyelonephritis, and by the end of pregnancy in advance put in the hospital with a diagnosis of gestosis under. Here I was collecting urine for 3 days, how many have drunk, how many came out. but did not wait for the result, gave birth to the son.

Kapriz Мудрец (12525) 5 years ago

at the moment I am on treatment in the daytimehospital because of the flow. have written out tablets kurantil, MV6 and koljut actovigen. Today the doctor having examined me said that I did not drink so much. but I can not, I drink 1.5-2 liters a day, I limit salt, in general I've been going for a fortnight as a sumo wrestler, legs are thicker than steel. but I want to say when the heat subsides then there are no outflows. term of 36 weeks.

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Orakul (56884) 5 years ago

and in the morning there are? I only have an evening, I work all day at work. kurantil too have registered, still a cowberry leaf ubdu to drink. and here I think kanefron try it, the grass is there, too.

Kapriz Sage (12525) yes, too, is there but not strong, but by the evening the legs are twice as large, the kanefron has never drunk, the first time I've heard about this medicine.

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova) Orakul (56884) 5 years ago

and that of itself is a day hospital, it can also sweat it up then, and then I have a little son, because of him, and from hospitalization refused.

Kapriz Sage (12525) this can be in your health centerwell, or in another (this time I was sent to a neighboring one, because we did not have any seats). come to the injections, then lie there for half an hour and home. it is necessary certainly from 8 mornings till 12 mornings to lay but nobody adheres to the schedule, some even these half of hour there do not lay, come an injection I do and leave. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, bypassing the doctor, so it happens and 2-3 hours there you lie so that the doctor will examine and then go home.

Simply happy Guru (3647) 5 years ago

I have no swelling for 28 weeks, but I have a friend, I went to the hospital, I was pierced, but the result is the same. So why torture yourself, and in the first place, a child, because tablets, etc., are very harmful to him.