Swelling after running

Of course, newcomers looking forward to their firstrunning on the run is much more worried about the technique of running and buying branded running shoes than the actions that must certainly follow after running. When the legs hurt after the first run, we write off everything for unaccustomed use, fatigue, "legs were trained", etc. Then, when the pain does not cease for weeks (after all, we continue to work hard), there are some suspicions and fears - "can my legs be wrong?"

That there was no pain

While we are running, our muscles are activeaccumulates the famous lactic acid - the product of energy decay and torn from the physical load of muscle fibers. Naturally, its presence in our muscles is not the most usual thing for the body, here are the muscles of the legs and become inflamed, trying to get rid of the "garbage". We can help them in this.

Now you know why the legs hurt after running, and this answer will be correct in 90% of cases.

In order for lactic acid to leaveour long-suffering muscles, immediately after jogging, do not stop and fall down incompetently, you have to pull yourself together and devote another 10 minutes to stretching your legs. Stretching, you not only excrete lactic acid, but also extend the shape of the muscles. If you run really seriously (one hour a day), but do not stretch, after a few months your muscles will grow very much and turn into rounded protrusions on your legs. In fact, the muscles have not grown. They simply became swollen, from the fact that the legs are full of unreduced and constantly accumulated lactic acid. Muscles ache when touched and do not look aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, when the leg muscles ache after running,can help walking and cycling. Walk a kilometer on foot or go home on a bicycle, this is also a kind of stretching, the main thing is to do everything at the slowest pace.

It is also useful in such situations to takecontrast shower, alternating temperatures relieve inflammation from the muscles and helps to remove the decay products. It will be useful to make massage of calves and feet with cooling gel - but, this means is no longer against lactic acid, but from fatigue.

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