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Hello, the monthly ended on January 21, withJanuary 23, during the week unprotected sex, after that there were pains in the back, began to ache a right ovary, every other day, my knees ached at night, my stomach was swollen, yesterday there was a swelling of the right arm, bases. Temperature 36.8, monthly waiting on February 16, more recently had shortness of breath, what can it be? I think I ovulated right after the menstrual period, I did not measure the temperature, I really wanted sex, usually during liberation, the libido increased, did the conception occur? Then why the bases. Is the temperature low? Thank you very much in advance!

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Hello! So quickly after the conception of pregnancy symptoms will not, because you have a condition associated with something else. Perhaps the ovarian cyst, inflammation - you need to do an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Many symptoms are not connected at all. Swelling and back pain, for example, may be a symptom of the pathology of the urinary system, pain in the knees - a symptom of reactive arthritis (in response to inflammation of the same ovary). Dyspnea is associated more with the lungs and the heart. Give another general analysis of blood and urine, consult a therapist. I think this will help to understand the reasons for your condition. Health to you!