Swelling with flux

  • Consultation with a dentist, baking soda
  • Cold compress, sea salt
  • Medicinal plants and herbs, sage

If there is a flux, how to relieve the inflammationwill prompt an experienced dentist who will also help prevent possible complications with health. However, with the help of proven folk methods, you can independently remove the swelling caused by the flux. First of all, you need to make a special cold compress. It is necessary to take a few ice cubes, wrap in a towel or tissue napkin and attach to the site of inflammation, hold for several minutes. Do not expect that the edema will drop instantly, this will take a little time, so it's worth the patience and wait a little.

With severe swelling and unpleasant painfulSensations of flux treatment can be performed using special rinses. Thanks to regular oral rinsings, one can not only take off the inflammation, but also remove bacteria from the oral cavity, which can cause it again. Also, rinsing helps to remove pus, which can provoke the development of an abscess, and the process of recovery is greatly accelerated. In order to prepare such a rinse solution, it is necessary to use a variety of pharmacy products - for example, medicinal plants and herbs, baking soda and sea salt.

To remove the swelling, the dentist can prescribe a receptionnot only anti-inflammatory drugs, but also analgesics (only if the patient does not have allergies to such medications). Thanks to the reception of such drugs, unpleasant painful sensations pass very quickly. However, it is important to remember that these drugs are strictly prohibited to apply on their own - only on the prescription of the doctor, after the examination. Since there is a risk only to aggravate an already difficult situation.

If there is a strong swelling in the flux,accompanied by strong painful sensations and the person normally tolerates the action of antibiotics, then it is allowed to take some familiar remedy, which was previously used. After this, you will need to seek medical help from a doctor. It is antibacterial drugs that can prevent further development of purulent inflammation, as it penetrates both the gum tissue and directly into the teeth (bone tissue), where it eliminates the existing infection.

Very effectively, the following remedy for edema,which can be easily applied independently at home. So, in this case, take simple common salt and soda, then add one cay. a spoonful of water (water should be warm). The resulting solution should be rinsed every half hour with the oral cavity. Due to the effect of salt, edema is removed, and salt helps to soften the inflamed gum.

No less effective is the decoction prepared fromsage. Take exactly two tables. spoons of sage grass, then poured into one liter of boiling water. Then the broth is placed on a water bath and left for about an hour, so that the medicine can be properly infused. After the specified time, the broth should be removed from the water bath and left until completely cooled. Cooled decoction, without fail, is filtered using gauze, folded in two or three layers or a fine sieve, after which it can be used to rinse the mouth.