Aching kidneys hurt

Lyolya Pupil (226), closed 7 years ago

Svetlana Kharlamova Enlightened (20527) 7 years ago

swelling of the face - especially under the eyes, swelling of the legs (this is later). pain with a slight effleurage of the back in the kidneys (the kidneys are located approximately under the liver and spleen - if you are talking about something)
but it is best to go to the therapist, he will give a referral to the tests and to the appropriate specialist will send (if it is necessary)
the sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you find out what exactly hurts, and the sooner you start treatment (which is sometimes very critical)
my husband had a kidney colic - there in generalno such symptoms were not, just a wild back pain and constant vomiting (but that's exactly the colic). as a result of the "ambulance" sent him to the hospital at 4 o'clock in the morning.
Yes, by the way, if you will "call" on this occasion, do not give the patient painkillers medication, and then doctors may incorrectly diagnose the diagnosis
good luck and do not be ill!

RedPuma Pupil (222) 7 years ago

Pain in the lower back))).

Boris Avanesov Profi (731) 7 years ago

probably pee-pee do it

Kaban Desperado Master (1937) 7 years ago

The very first sign is bags under the eyes. Better immediately to the doctor.

Moonlight Enlightened (31134) 7 years ago

Aching aching in the lower back. At an attack it hurts so, that will not seem a little. Nausea, vomiting, and fever can begin.
It is better not to pull, but immediately to call an ambulance.
Of the tablets - no-shpa, baralgin, cyston.

Sashulka Expert (409) 7 years ago

edemas, bags under the eyes and aching pain in the lower back, heaviness

Rudaia Alina The Thinker (8773) 7 years ago

Pain in the lower back. where the ribs end right away, there may be a strong, perhaps aching pain, with a slight tapping of the fist, an edge of the palm. In the morning, swelling on the face, in particular -
Very often, kidney disease is detected only in the laboratory. (urine). and such symptoms may be absent.

Emilia Bazhenova Master (2002) 7 years ago

And at me, when kidneys hurted or was ill; was sick, the whole side of a body "fell off" simply. and from below and from above. both front and back. everywhere!
In doing so, severe vomiting and weakness.
In addition, this pain can not be confused with another. it is sooo strong.

Sandra Expert (312) 7 years ago

if you are not sitting at the computer, and in the queue for the urologist

elfinadream Mudrets (10988) 7 years ago

Pain when tapping the palm of the hand on the back of the lower rib.

Elena Mudrets (10505) 7 years ago

With various forms of kidney disease - differentsigns. If we talk about pyelonephritis, then everything is clearly pronounced. pain above the waist on the sides, puffiness, and as a result of swelling, pressure. Swelling is easy to check: press the finger on the bone at the foot of the foot, if there is a pitting _ then edema. If we talk about glomerulonephritis, then with it the kidneys do not hurt, but because of the decrease in the functions of the kidneys, swelling is pronounced. Of course, the best indicator of kidney condition is tests. But if from the salty food you swell, then there is no doubt, the function is reduced, you are looking for the form of kidney disease. With kidney stones, signs are periodic renal colic when nauseated, sore back, constant urge to urinate, pain in the groin, may be vomiting. If you just have sand in the kidneys, when it goes - pain in the groin, pain when urinating, lumbar pain.

Svetlana The Thinker (7682) 7 years ago

edema, high systolic pressure-the first signs, pain-the second sign, and the analysis of urine can determine the disease itself.

oxana zatkin Master (2239) 7 years ago

The back hurts. strong thread in the lower abdomen