Cream for swelling

Hypoallergenic, natural, removes swelling, prevents the expansion of veins, relieves fatigue.

Cream-balm from leg swelling Mama Comfort is goodperforms its prescribed function of medicinal properties. In addition, he is also anti-varicose. I ran into edema at the very end of my pregnancy, and felt it necessary to correct the situation.

The cream contains extracts of a leech, redgrapes, horse chestnut, hazel, trokserutin. It is based on natural ingredients. Intended for future mothers, but I think you can just use this cream, because it has good qualities of the cream. In addition, he is also anti-varicose, as I said. The veins appear either during standing work or during pregnancy. This cream will help that the veins do not protrude outward and do not require any operations, or simply remain ugly looking on the upper legs. Legs also require special care! And except for you, no one will take care of them! Beautiful legs are a guarantee of beauty and health. It is better to spend this amount on the cream, but it's worth it to stay beautiful during pregnancy, and after and even before.

Cream-balm from leg swelling Mama Comfort strengthenswalls of blood vessels, relieves fatigue, normalizes blood circulation, improves metabolic processes and accordingly contains capillary-strengthening and venotonizing complexes of biological substances. Painful sensations in the legs disappear. The cream has a cooling effect, but I feel it on a little, it is not so pronounced, but it has a good effect against swelling of the legs! Do not be lazy, do massages with this cream and see with your own eyes a reduction in edema.

Applied during pregnancy from the first months. Safe and harmless. The smell is not unpleasant. Convenient tube, grabs a lot. Quickly absorbed. Created by the brand Mama Comfort, and it has already established itself in the market for creams for pregnant women.

Overall Impression. Effective kremik from leg swelling!