Edema and constipation

Is it so simple ...

It turns out that such a common problemwith health, like constipation, is not always a disease that needs a medical correction. In most cases, it is a manifestation of defects in lifestyle and nutrition, or age-related changes in the aging organism. After all, a person can not always take any medications, especially if the constipation is chronic with a prolonged course. In such cases, only adequate nutrition can really help, which over time will positively affect the work of the entire small and large intestine, as well as the rectum.

There are general and specific questions regardingdiet therapy for constipation of different origin, which require a clear allocation. The first of these is the appointment of a dietary table according to the medical nomenclature. In this regard, all patients are shown diet number 3.

In general terms, it can be characterized as follows:

Gentle food, capable of good digestion;

Stimulation of the motor activity of the intestine;

Minimum gassing and irritation of the mucosa of the intestinal wall;

The predominance of products of vegetable origin, containing a lot of fiber;

Warm food with frequent fractional reception;

Exclusion of coarse and dishes with spices.

Diet in case of constipation is necessary for the treatment of bowel disorders. You should carefully revise your diet: adherence to the right diet plays a huge role in the treatment of this disease. People who suffer from constipation, must know what foods help empty the intestines, and which, on the contrary, will make this process more difficult. Below is a list of products that help to empty the intestines, and a list of foods that complicate this matter.

What to eat with constipation

Bread and bakery products

Preference should not be given the most freshproducts of this series, but at least with 12-hour exposure. They are much better and faster digested and move along the intestines. With regard to flour, from which they are baked, then it must be unequivocally a variety of coarse grits, containing bran of wheat or wheat origin. It is allowed to eat cookery of a gallet type, oatmeal, bakery of an unhealthy type.

Meat and fish products

For fans of such dishes, such a diet canbecome a serious test, as it limits the use of food of animal origin. Allowed to accept easily assimilated varieties of meat, namely chicken, turkey, rabbit. With regard to the way they are cooked, they can be boiled or brawned whole pieces of meat, or ground to pieces and cooked in the form of steam cutlets, meatballs, various meat fillings in bakery products and vegetable salads. Fish are also allowed, especially low-fat types of river and marine types. Method of preparation identical to meat products.

Eggs, milk and sour-milk products

Very favorable effect on the conditiondigestion in terms of treating constipation. Their systematic use normalizes the intestinal microflora, thereby affecting the processes of correct fecal matter formation. Such products include yoghurts, kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka, cottage cheese and processed cheese, sour cream. With regard to whole or other types of milk, it can be consumed in moderation only to those persons who do not have lactose intolerance. Otherwise, it is possible to provoke the development of persistent diarrhea.

Cereals, pasta and liquid dishes

Recommended for all patients with constipationuse soups, borscht, broths based on light types of poultry meat and rabbit. Non-ferrous dishes from pork are also allowed. Well proven vegetable soups, green and beetroot soup. The number of pasta and rice should be limited or excluded from the daily diet. From episodic use of them, there will not be much harm.

What fruit can be eaten with constipation

It is very important, despite the time of year, to usefruits and vegetables, as they are enriched in fiber, which plays a basic role in the formation of stools of normal consistency. Recommended citrus fruits, plums. apricots. as well as dried fruits based on them (dried apricots, raisins, prunes). Do not forget about vegetables in the form of salads with various vegetable oils. Of vegetables, beets can become very effective. carrot. cabbage. tomatoes in a moderate amount.

Apples with constipation occupy a special place, since the dailythe use of one or two apples on an empty stomach can often be a fairly effective measure to eliminate constipation. If you still consider the fact that this product is very common, then its use absolutely does not cause any difficulties. You can also eat apples in baked form.

Dates for constipation are also a very necessary product. They are used mainly in dried form. It is allowed as a reception of whole dried fruits without pits, and various broths on their basis. To do this, mix 4-5 dates with a glass of water and bring to a boil. Chilled broth taken on an empty stomach for 30-5o ml. You can also add various vegetable or butter to it.

Kiwi with constipation it is better to eat raw, without crust. It is effective enough as an independent application, and in the form of various combinations in fruit salads with apples. citrus fruits, plums, apricots with yogurt sauce. The use of such a dish for breakfast will not only help in the fight against constipation, but also saturate the body with vitamins and energy resources.

Juices and decoctions. Basically they are prepared on the basis of the listedproducts. Their combination can be very diverse, depending on the tastes and preferences of a particular person. Recommended decoctions of rose hips. fresh beetroot juice on an empty stomach, the use of apricot, carrot, apple, tomato juice throughout the day. You can also prepare compotes based on them. Other products that are also indicated in the morning include honey (1 tablespoon), which is washed down with a glass of cold water.

There are also many special products that help normalize the stool, see the article - what helps with constipation?

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What can not be eaten with constipation?

It is important to remember that non-compliance with this clausedietary table number 3 not only aggravates the habitual constipation, but also completely eliminates those positive moments that are achieved through proper nutrition or medication. Therefore, it is strict to perform. The list of such products include:

Bread and pastry made of dough;

Filled broths of fatty meat;

Steep eggs, smoked dishes, canned food and spices;

Meat of fatty varieties: duck, goose, beef and the same kinds of fish;