Swelling and swelling

Tumors on the face can occur in the parotid gland, paranasal sinuses and lower jaw.

With cancer of the paranasal sinuses, there is usually local swelling. The patient complains of nasal congestion and discharge with an admixture of blood, sometimes with an unpleasant odor.

Patients with a tumor of the lower jaw complain of pain localized somewhere deeper under the swelling.

With a tumor of the mediastinum, cyanosis and edema of the face can be observed as a result of compression of the upper vena cava by the tumor.

When examining a patient with a parotid tumorglands in palpation is defined by increased iron with uneven contours, a dense consistency or dense edema of surrounding tissues. It is possible that the patient has a pre-existing polymorphic adenoma. Check the condition of the facial nerve, which can be involved in the process. In a patient with maxillary sinus cancer, tissue edema can be detected in her area. Tumors of the jaw in patients with an occlusion of the superior vena cava are marked by cyanosis and edema of the face. Conduct an examination of the thoracic cavity.

E. Rafteri, E. Lim

Swelling and swelling on the face and other materials for diagnosis.