Siofor edema

Siofor 500, 850, 1000 tablets: application

Siofor is an antidiabetic drug fromgroup of biguanides with the active ingredient metformin. The drug is prescribed for type II diabetes, especially against obesity, in gynecology for the treatment of polycystic ovaries. The drug is prescribed as an independent, and in combination with other drugs. Siofor normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, lowers blood glucose levels, does not stimulate insulin secretion, lowers triglycerides and cholesterol, and reduces appetite. The drug is available in the form of tablets with different dosages of the active ingredient, from which the names of the preparation Siofor 500, Siofor 850 and Siofor 1000 follow. Treatment with the drug starts with 1-2 tablets a day, adjusting the dosage every week.

Siofor is a drug for patients suffering fromdiabetes mellitus type II, reducing the level of glucose, which causes the growth of fatty deposits. When you take the drug reduces appetite, especially do not want a sweet, floury and reduced body weight. Healthy women, hearing about this effect, which without special diets and physical exercises, reduces body weight with might and main started taking tablets. But we should not forget that the weight loss is to return again, as the lifestyle after taking the drug does not change and the diet is not respected. In addition, the uncontrolled intake of Siofor can lead to diarrhea, bloating, weakness, allergies. Doctors say that you should take these pills only according to the indications, so it's up to you to use this method or not.

Drugs often seen with Siofor:

  • Enterosgel (Methylcinnamic acid, which is part of the drug has a detoxification effect .The drug is effective for dysbiosis, food poisoning);
  • Insulin (Applies to sugar-reducing drugs, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, reduces protein consumption, is effective in diabetes mellitus);
  • Diacarb (a saluretic drug with diuretic effect, used to eliminate edema of various genesis: liver cirrhosis, circulatory insufficiency, pulmonary-cardiac syndrome);
  • Sinaflan (a drug of the group of topical glucocorticosteroids, has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antipruritic effect);
  • Vermox (anthelminthic drug, active against a large number of different parasites, is used for ascariasis, enterobiasis, trichinosis);

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